What Happens If You Choose Faravid or Halfdan in AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla has tons of region-based quests and storylines that tie into the main story arc. It also comes with a new story mechanic where you can form alliances by completing certain storylines. If you are searching the web for Faravid and Halfdan, then you are probably trying to complete the Eurvicscire story arc of the Valhalla.

Let us take a look at the choices offered to you and how you can make the most of them.

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What is the Eurvicscire story arc?

The Eurvicscire arc involves you the Jorvik king, Halfdan, and his trusted ally Faravid in the region of Northumbria. The quest in question where you have to choose between the two is named ‘Of Blood and Bonds’ where you are confronted with the choice between Faravid and Halfdan.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

During the final feast, king Halfdan will thank you for your efforts and then praise you for your help. Once the conversation is complete, he will cough, see unwell, and drop his chalice.

Eivor picks up the chalice and soon it is deduced that the chalice is made from ‘lead’, a toxic metal that the Vikings know, drove the Romans mad. Everybody is surprised by this revelation and Halfdan is under the impression that Faravid has betrayed him and his family.

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Halfdan believes that Faravid has poisoned him for years. While Faravid blames Halfdan for being sick as a cause for concern and his deluded claims, he never denies poisoning the family or being against using lead.

This is where things get tricky and you have to choose between the two. You end up getting the following two choices.

  • ‘You are insane, Halfdan’
  • ‘Stand down or Fight me, Faravid’

What happens if you chose Halfdan?

If you wish to choose king Halfdan, then you will have to against Faravid and choose the option that says ‘Stand down or Fight me, Faravid’. Faravid already has his sword drawn which Eivor sees as a sign of a challenge. Eivor will ask Faravid to sheathe his sword but when he refuses, you will have to battle Faravid.

Once the battle is finished, a cutscene will ensue that will show Eivor taking a tied-up Faravid to Halfdan who challenges him to a fight. Faravid will simply refuse and talk about Halfdan and his childhood where he let the Jarl, (Halfdan) always win by losing on purpose. This visibly upsets and distraught Halfdan, who smashes Faravid’s head in and cries.

Making this choice will not help you learn the truth if Faravid was responsible for lead poisoning.

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What happens if you choose Faravid?

In case you decide to side with Faravid, you will have to choose ‘You are insane, Halfdan’ as your response. In this case, Eivor will side with Faravid and blame the king for not seeing clearly because of his sickness.

Eivor will ask Halfdan to show restraint and let his sickness not guide his actions. A distraught Halfdan will fling his hammer into the crowd in anger and declare himself as the king of the land and accuse Faravid of treason.

Faravid will simply refuse to accept Halfdan as his king and throw the clan bracelet into a nearby fire. This will prompt Halfdan to banish Faravid after a few more words.

Halfdan will then refuse to talk to anyone, even Eivor, which will prompt her to go after Faravid in an attempt to find the truth. You will encounter Faravid at the outskirts of the city where you will finally ask him in the straightest possible manner if he did indeed poison the king.

Faravid yet again does not answer the question and simply says that he hopes he can fight alongside Eivor again in the future.

Should you choose Halfdan or Faravid

Each of these choices does not affect the game much. If you choose with Halfdan, Faravid dies and your relations with the King might be a bit better but you just lost a very good ally.

If you choose Faravid then you go against the king, strain your relationship, and see Faravid banished. There is no information if Faravid returns with another storyline in the future but it seems highly unlikely.

Either of these choices is mainly a send off to Faravid, either to Valhalla or to other lands while he leaves. The correct choice in my opinion would be to kill Faravid and maintain your relations with the King.

I strongly feel that Faravid might have indeed poisoned the king, later on in life once he learned about lead as a toxic metal. The reason for this is because King Halfdan accuses Farvid with the following phrase ‘You gifted me poison’ which suggests that all the lead and many of the prominent objects including the king’s chalice might have been a gift from Faravid in the past.

Additionally, Faravid never really refuses the accusations and always attacks the king. They have been together since birth, so it should be easy for him to at least say ‘I didn’t do it or poison you’ at least once. Instead, Faravid is ready to fight at the first go.

And thirdly, even when Eivor has put her honor on the line for Faravid, he refuses to give a straight answer to her when asked about the lead at the time of being banished.

Either way, the choice you make finally completely depends on you. If an alliance with King Halfdan is more lucrative to you, then you should side with the king. If you liked Faravid and would like to see him live the rest of his days, then you should choose ‘Faravid’ instead.

Finally, if you are just looking to get through the game and only care for an alliance, then you should definitely side with King Halfdan.

We hope you were able to learn everything you needed to know about choosing between Faravid and Halfdan. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out using the comments section below. 



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