How Randvi in AC Valhalla Impacts Your Game [Explained]

AC Valhalla cuts through the bind of boring, repetitive stories by giving you the reins of the narrative to bend it as per your whim. The choices you make as Eivor impact which version of the game you get, who gets to live and die, and what happens to Eivor’s love interest — Randvi. Aside from being someone that Eivor can romance, like a host of other NPCs, she also impacts the game in a unique way due to her strategic position in the game.

Let’s find out everything about Randvi, from her backstory to her role in the game to the consequences of Eivor’s trysts with her along the way.

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Randvi’s Backstory

We are introduced to Randvi fairly early on in the game as she flees from Fornburg village in Norway and is quick to join the Viking campaign on its way to conquer and find a new settlement in England.

But she is also your foster brother Sigurd’s wife, which is quite a delicate situation to be in as far as these things go. It turns out that she was married to Sigurd for the simple reason of keeping two warring Viking clans united.

This means that their relationship is strictly strategic in nature. As it happens, there’s no love between them, and we don’t blame them. Of the events that preceded the game narrative, we’re told that Sigurd used to go on long expeditions and conquests, leaving her behind all alone in Fornburg. Poor Randvi. Safe to say that didn’t help their relationship in the least and withered any shred of love that could have been.

But that’s good news for Eivor.

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Where does she fit in AC Valhalla?

As Sigurd’s wife, she plays an important role in Valhalla and in Eivor’s life. What’s more! – she fancies Eivor as much as he does her. That’s all well and good. But when she’s not drooling over the charismatic, muscular characters, she handles the diplomatic side of things for Sigurd and the Vikings.

She is usually found in Ravensthorpe’s longhouse with a map in front of her. When Eivor engages her, the Alliance Map is revealed which highlights all the regions that one can explore. The aim here is to establish alliances in all of the various regions and get a foothold in the English lands.

At first, we don’t get any indication of what she thinks of Eivor and only discuss the alliances that the Vikings need. But as we start succeeding in forging alliances, Randvi begins to open up a bit more. Once the three main alliances have been forged, you can begin knowing exactly what is gnawing at Randvi’s heart in the quest Taken For Granted.

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Randvi and Eivor – A Dangerous Game

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Wedding & Eivor Talks With Randvi Of Marriage + Romance

Randvi is an interesting romance option for Eivor, especially when we consider how things stand between Eivor and Sigurd. The first move that Eivor makes in this regard is when he asks Randvi if she is doing all right (after completing the three main Alliance missions).

Of course, being Sigurd’s wife and in charge of diplomacy, she refuses at first but it’s all pretense. If you keep choosing the golden dialogues to press Randvi she will relent and your first side quest with her begin.

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On her day out of Raventhorpe, the task is simply to spend some time with her and take her to the Grantebridge settlement. It is here that Eivor finds what an adventurous spirit she is – refusing to take the boat and swimming across the river together – how romantic!

Once at Grantebridge, meet with Magnim and offer him your help to defeat the bandit menace (Randvi would insist).

Once you’ve taken care of the bandits, Randvi will invite you to a drinking game. Take up the challenge since it won’t matter if you win or lose as long as you two get drunk.

Pop quiz: What happens when two flirtatious Vikings get drunk? Yes, you guessed it right; and to seal the deal, we take Randvi to the Sunken Tower ruins. Along the way, they tease each other and Randvi asks Eivor if he slept with Soma. But since Soma is not a romance option, Eivor never gets the chance for it and speaks the truth which satisfies Randvi.

Next, we climb the tower (but don’t try to reach the top, it’s not a contest – the ledge below would fit you both). Once upon the ledge, she tells him about herself and her early life in Norway, and it is here that Randvi kisses Eivor on a whim, drunk as she is already and forlorn at heart.

Now, if you choose the dialogue ‘I feel the same way‘ you’ll reciprocate her feelings, and BAM! You two end up sleeping together. The following day Eivor awakes without Randvi by her side. Turns out she’s gone back to Ravensthorpe. Now, every time Eivor visits Randvi the love birds can go at it again, or decide to separate.

Continence and Consequences

Sure, Eivor has a lot of options for romance, but the forbidden fruit is always sweeter than the rest. Since she comes with her own baggage, deciding to sleep with her actually leads to consequences that can add up and later lead to a warped ending.

Now, a few words for Sigurd. Even though Eivor and Sigurd are not blood brothers, they still share a unique bond that needs to be tended to from time to time. Theirs is a bond of friendship, valor, and loyalty, and the shared responsibility of ensuring that the Vikings get what they deserve in England.

The choices that you make in the game will ultimately upset or win Sigurd over. Upsetting Sigurd leads to a Sigurd strike. Upset him enough times at crucial junctures of the game and you will trigger the bad ending. And though Sigurd is not particularly fond of his wife, bedding her will still count as a Sigurd strike.

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So what can you do?

Well, as it turns out, Sigurd and Randvi do get separated down the road. At Gunnar and Brigid’s marriage, Randvi confesses how she wants to be with Eivor and that Sigurd knows all about it.

That means our boy Eivor can still get around the familial taboos without upsetting his brother if only he waits for them to separate first.

If you don’t want to strike out with Sigurd, don’t sleep with Randvi after she kisses you on the tower. All good things to those who wait. Until then, fling yourself in the missions and the quests, with a little fling here and there with other romance characters to satisfy your carnal Viking thirst.

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On the other hand, if continence is not your cup of tea and you want Eivor to sleep with Randvi every chance he gets, remember Sigurd and how you want the ending to be. If you don’t care a toss about Sigurd, go ahead and let your love unfurl.

This is everything you need to know about Randvi and her impact on the game. So choose wisely.