AC Valhalla Asgard Wealth: Everything you should know

AC Valhalla’s been out for a bit, and many a new player is just starting to really dig into the meat of the sprawling, richly-detailed world at the center of the game. There’s a lot to collect, even more, to explore, and a whole lot of things to stab, poke and bludgeon to death. For now, however, we’ll focus on Wealth.

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What collectibles can you get in Asgard in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla?

When you exploring through Asgard in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the only wealth you can find here are Ymir’s Tear Stones. These stones are marked as stone-shaped icons in gold all across the realm of Asgard and you can either collect them while freely exploring the Nordic region or while Eivor is on a quest in and around the location.

There are a total of 30 Ymir’s Tear Stones that you will be able to find and collect in all of Asgard, most of which will be locked inside chests and some hidden behind puzzles and weak walls.

Some of Ymir’s Tear Stones can only be unlocked after completing world events and to get your hands on all 30 of them, you will have to reach the end of the final mission in the Asgard Saga – Binding Fate.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Asgard Wealth Locations

Down below is a step-by-step guide to each and every one of the 30 Ymir’s Tear Stones in Asgard.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 01

For the first Ymir’s Tear Stone, head to the island in the NW corner of Asgard and, following the marker, work your way around the mountain. Eventually, you’ll come across a cave in which the Ymir’s Tear Stone is hidden under a destructible door.

Ascend the nearby structure and drop the explosive jug onto the door, blowing it open, and collect the Tear.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 02

For the second Ymir’s Tear Stone, head east of Heimdall’s Tower. Look for another explosive jug atop one of the surrounding outcrops. From there you’ll have to tightrope walk some cord between the ruins and make a couple of hops before tossing the flask at the doors barring you from the stone.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 03

This one is as simple as following the marker along the coast until you come across a waterside encampment. You’ll find the chest situated beneath a ragged awning amid some other destructible.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 04

Searching the forested area will bring you to a small Viking hut inside which you’ll find the chest packing the Ymir’s Tear Stone.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 05

To get at this Ymir’s Tear Stone, follow the marker until it leads you to an old tree. Climb up the trunk and across the boughs to an adjacent platform and follow the tightrope to a second platform with the chest just waiting to be looted. Don’t pet the wolves.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 06

Directly southeast of Ymir’s Tear Stone 05 is a set of four stones clustered tightly together. Start by targeting the northernmost stone and following its marker to an ice-packed, multi-tiered tower. You’ll find the chest at the very top and can only be reached by scaling its treacherous walls. Beware: there are enemies who will do their very best to poke holes in you from afar.

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Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 07

After you’ve snatched up the chest atop the tower, go and pay the people who tried to turn you into target practice a visit — Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-style. Directly west-southwest of the tower, you’ll find them huddled around a small camp with your stone. Take it.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 08

Next up, turn east. There will be a large building straight ahead with a doorway closed off by a sheet of gray-green ice/stone. Smash through the wall, head forth until you come across a crack on your right. Enter the chamber and follow the path to a small, ruined window. Aiming your bow through it will light up your hit-marker — release. This will shatter a destructible wall. Exit the chamber through the same crack and continue down the hallway to the chest at the end.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 09

Number nine is right around the corner. After looting Chest 08, turn around, face and pick up the explosive jug. Carry it out into the hallway and go straight — you’ll see a stone door just waiting to be obliterated. Chuck the jug at it and open up the chest on the other side.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 10

The next Ymir’s Tear Stone will have heading you off the coast for a small island southeast of the mainland. Follow the marker until you arrive at one hell of a Viking obstacle course. You’ll have to parkour your way across wires and shipwrecks to the small island where chest number 10 is waiting for you.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 11

Over in the Well of Urdr, you’ll have to dive straight down and look for a brightly lit natural alcove within the wall and swim under it for the first of the two chests there.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 12

The next Ymir’s Tear Stone is deeper inside the cave — work your way back to the start of the cave and follow the marker deeper into the cave until you come to a small cluster of crates and torches.  Scaling the wall will lead you to the chest where it sits atop the platform directly above.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 13

Number 13 will take you to the uppermost outcrop of Utengard Chasm hill, from where you’ll have to work your way straight down. That means diving into a haystack and then the pool of water at the very bottom. Before you will be a cave and the start of a reflected-light puzzle. Redirect the three beams of light to their final target to open up an unseen underwater gate. Once you’re done, emerge from the cave, dive in the water, and swim down and to the left to find the next Ymir’s Tear Stone in an underwater chest.

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Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 14

For Ymir’s Tear Stone 14, you’ll have to head into the Utengard Chasm proper. You’ll find the chest in the fiery, circular chamber but will have to kill nearby guards until you get the key. Beware that the enemies will be coming in swinging here so get ready to fight.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 15

Head directly north from the previous stone, following the marker to a crack in a nearby wall. Inside you’ll find a sliding puzzle in the form of racks loaded with goods — solve the puzzle to access the chest and be on your way.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 16

The third and final stone in Utengard Chasm can be found by following the marker along the tops of the structure until you reach a pit with a bottom constructed of thin wooden planks. Smash the planks and brace yourself — you’ll take some real damage in the fall. But you’ll have a Ymir’s Tear Stone for your trouble.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 17

An easy one. East-Northeast of Utengard Chasm, the next wealth marker will lead you to a stone face with an obvious wooden platform hanging high above. Scale the wall to the opening in the rock where you’ll find chest number 17 waiting for you.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 18

The next stone is located nearby — follow the marker to a gate set in the earth. You’ll have to work your way around the top and fire an arrow through the window to blast the gate open and loot the chest inside.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 19

For this one, head directly east from the last stone and jump into the river. Track the chest marker to about halfway to the opposite bank and dive unnervingly deep, straight down, to claim the chest.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 20

Heading west back to the mainland, you’ll eventually encounter a Reindeer. Escorting it, and the Reindeer that eventually join up with it will lead you to a reward at the end of the encounter: a Ymir’s Tear Stone.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 21

For this one, simply head to Ivaldi’s Forge and work your way up through the jumping puzzle to open the chest up top.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 22

The second chest is right there in the Forge. Follow the marker from the ground floor around the bend into one of the nearby chambers where you’ll find the chest in the corner.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 23

Tracking the marker north-west will bring you to a series of waterfalls cascading over a series of iron gates. Swim under the structure through a passageway below to access the chamber with the chest.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 24

North-Northeast of Ivaldi’s Forge, you’ll find a doorway beside a lake barred by rubble. Clearing it requires only an explosive jug which can be found nearby amid the flotsam.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 25

South-east of Ivaldi’s Forge, follow the marker until you come across a room full of poisonous gas — you’ll have to run through the gas field and ascend the structure to open up the chest.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 26

The wealth marked on the northeasternmost tip of the island can be found simply by following the marker and ascending the wooden structure jutting from the cliffside.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 27

Just north-east of the forge at the island’s center is a large palatial structure dominated by several large columns. Look for a pair of golden pillars and climb one to ascend to the upper level — turn left and head for the large white pillar at the structure’s edge. Scramble to the topmost level, look for the chord, and zipline to the point that it intersects with another line just below. Aiming carefully, hop onto the lower wire and sprint across to the distant platform where you’ll find yourself a Ymir’s Tear Stone ripe for the plucking.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 28

To get this Ymir’s Tear Stone, you’ll have to dive in the water between the west-southwestern coastline and the central island. Continuing southwest, you’ll come across an underwater passageway that emerges into a cavern with another Archimedean puzzle.

Make sure to open the door on the left, not the right, if you don’t want to throw down with the AC Valhalla’s most anti-social reclusive.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 29

Head upward into Indre Hold proper, and move to the center of the island, following the marker until it leads to yet another cave. You’ll find the chest you’re looking for at the end beside the statue.

Ymir’s Tear Stone Location 30

This final Ymir’s Tear Stone can only be obtained after defeating Fenrir. Head to the westernmost island on the Asgard map and follow the marker through an opening in the mountain. Work your way inward until you come upon a boulder — moving it aside will bring you to two cracks. Through the rightmost crack and past the poison gas is the final Ymir’s Tear Stone.

What do you get in exchange for Ymir’s Tear Stones?

Once you have collected Ymir’s Tear Stones in Asgard, you can exchange them for a handful of Skill Points that you can use to improve Eivor’s stats and make him stronger. You will be accredited with 5 Skill Points in return for the 30 Ymir’s Tears Stones you collected across Asgard.

It’s important to note that you will need to collect all 30 of the Ymir’s Tear Stones to be able to receive the Skill Points. What this means is that you can neither sort the most important stones for wealth nor can you partially get the Skill points for collecting only some of the Ymir’s Tear Stones.

How to Use Ymir’s Tear Stones in AC Valhalla

After you have gathered all 30 of the Ymir’s Tear Stones in Asgard, you can exchange them for Skill Points by going to the Offering Altar. The Offering Altar is located on the eastern side of the northernmost island on Asgard.

Once you’re there, Eivor can interact with the statue at which point a cutscene commences. After the cutscene, you can earn 5 Skill Points that you can then use to make Eivor stronger.

Ymir’s Tear Stones: Are they worth it?

It’s now established that the 30 Ymir’s Tear Stones that you can collect in Asgard can be used to obtain Skill Points by visiting the Offering Altar. However, the value of each of these Ymir’s Tear Stones isn’t significant at all as their use is only clear when you have gotten your hands on all of them.

Although the stones are classified as wealthy in locations around Asgard, there’s no immediate value to them at the time when players start collecting them during the gameplay. And keeping in mind that you only get 5 Skill Points after exploring all of Asgard for these stones, their value proposition doesn’t appear to be as attractive as wealth items available at other locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

And that’s it! We hope you found this article helpful in your quest to amass a very specific form of wealth. Feel free to toss any questions you have for us down below, we’d love to help! Be sure to check out our huge Assassin’s Creed Valhalla archives for all your other AC needs!


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