AC Valhalla Zealot Locations: How To Find the Zealots Easily

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a game of many virtues. You have an enthralling campaign, excellent side quests, and an open world of endless opportunities. However, despite having the glitz and glamor of a completely new world, AC Valhalla doesn’t deviate from the core of the Assassin’s Creed franchise — the neverending battle between Templars and Assassins.

Valhalla revamps the rivalry with a new Order of the Ancient storyline, which, funnily ties into Thor’s Armor side quest. You are required to beat every cruel Ancient out there to get the Inorder of the Ancient achievement, and today, we’ll tell you how to get started. Read on to learn the location of the Zealots you need to beat in Valhalla.

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Who is a Zealot in Valhalla?

If you’re only starting out, the term “Zealot” could sound a bit confusing. These menacing-sounding humans are members of the said Order of the Ancients but are not exactly boss-type figures.

They are strong, extremely-skilled, horse-riding warriors, who can take the fight to you in every sense of the term. They are generally happy to stay within the confines of their habitat and can be challenged by stepping on their toes.

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How many Zealots are out there?

In the game, you’re required to outwit and outmuscle a total of 45 Ancients. Out of the 45, 15 are Zealots while the rest serve as members of the Order. By killing these hardcore killing machines, you would gain valuable info about your next objective — ending other members of the corrupt Order.

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How to find the Zealots?

As mentioned, Zealots don’t like the idea of roaming around all that much. So, you won’t have to go around the entire map to take on a fleeing Zealots. Here’s a list consisting of the names and whereabouts of the 15 Zealots in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You can open the Order Menu and mark the Zealots as you go. The red Zealot icon would make it easier for you to mark them.

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Zealot #1: Woden

The recommends you bump up your power to 220 before taking on this Zealot. They can be found on the Cent roads, on his horse. Bonus tip: if you can’t find them or any other Zealot, consider using your bird to locate them.

Zealot #2: Heike

To locate Heike, you’ll need to head over to Essexe. There, you’re likely to find the warrior patrolling the southern roads of Walden. If you don’t spot them immediately, consider waiting at the intersection. The suggested power for the combat is 250.

Zealot #3: Bercthun

You’ll find your third Zealot roaming on the streets of Hamtunscire. Since he’s moving around, it’s not straightforward an exact location. So, consider going through all the main roads around the Hamtunscire region. The suggested power level is 340.

Zealot #4: Hrothgar

Unlike the previous three on our list, Hrothgar doesn’t have a fancy horse to ride around. Instead, the gritty warrior chooses to roam the streets and woods of Suthsexe on foot. When in the area, look for a white Zealot icon. The recommended power level is 280.

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Zealot #5: Cudberct

You’ll be able to locate your fifth possible victim in Oxenefordscire. Similar to Bercthun, it’s difficult to pinpoint Cudberct’s exact location, but you could always use your bird to get a quick look. If that doesn’t seem feasible for some reason, roam around the streets of Oxenefordscire to locate Cudberct. The recommended power level for Cudberct is 160.

Zealot #6: Horsa

The second member not to have a horse, Horsa, can be found roaming around in the Oxenefordscire region. Since they don’t have a horse, you’re unlikely to encounter much trouble locating them. Also, remember that Horsa doesn’t like to go into the wilderness. So, make sure you’re only traversing the roads of Oxenefordscire. Your power levels should be over 130 for a fair encounter.

Zealot #7: Osgar

The seventh Zealot on our list, Osgar, can be found on his horse, traversing one of the roads of the Lincolnscire region. You could look at the world map, locate all the roads in the area, and visit one by one to locate him. The suggested power level for the battle is 220.

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Zealot #8: Kendall

Kendall can be found riding on a horse in the Grantebridgescire region. If you don’t encounter her at the start, ride along the roads of Grantebridgescire until you do. Before you engage her, make sure your power level is in triple digits.

Zealot #9: Beorhtsige

Beorhtsige can be conveniently located riding along the secluded streets of Glowecestrescire. Since he’s on a horse, your best bet would be to look for him on the roads in the regions. Alternatively, try using your bird to get his location in an instant. The recommended power level for the battle with Beorhtsige is 280.

Zealot #10: Wealdmaer

You can find Wealdmaer in the Sciropescire region, riding on his fancy horse. Like most of the other Zealots on this list, you’ll probably need to look for the warrior on the roads to kick off the battle. The suggested power level for this battle stands at 160.

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Zealot #11: Cola

Patroling the area between the south-east corner of Eurviscire and the west corner of Lincolnshire, Cola is a fierce, battle-tested warrior. You could ride along the shore of the river to locate him. You need to be over 90 to give Cola a fight.

Zealot #12: Callin

Callin can be found riding on one of the main roads in the Eurvicscire region. We recommend going through the main roads of the area to encounter the Zealot. You’ll need power levels of 280 to beat the sword and bow-wielding member of the Order.

Zealot #13: Eorforwine

The warrior can be found riding her horse on one of the main roads of the Grantebridgescire region. Since she’s always on the move, consider going through the main roads to start the battle. The recommended power level is 90.

Zealot #14: Redwalda

The penultimate member on this guide can be found riding their horse in the Ledecestrescire region. Use the world map to locate all the main roads in the region and check them out when you can. Your power level should be over 90 to get the better of them.

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Zealot #15: Wuffa

The last member of the Zealot can be spotted riding in the East Anglia region. Since she’s moving around, it’s best to traverse the roads yourself. The recommended power level for this final battle is 160.


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