AC Valhalla Offchurch Armor, Gear, Treasure and other Wealth: Find them all here!

If you’re currently reading this, then chances are that you’re on the “Tilting the Balance” storyline inside Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and you’re looking for all the items that you can collect at the Offchurch location inside Ledecestershire. Fret not! We’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll help you locate Offchurch, how to get there, and the place you need to get into to collect all the wealth items that are available on the map.

Where is the Offchurch located in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

The Offchurch is a cathedral-like structure located in the south of Ledecestershire inside the Mercia region in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. One easy way to find the old crypt is to follow where these two rivers – Arwy and Alne, meet. You can head over to the crypt from the south-west side of the Alcestre Monastery.

Offchurch is a part of the “Tilting the Balance” story quest and begins right after you talk to Lady Aethelswith inside the Tamworth Fortress. After the cutscene that follows, you will have to head over to the south of Ledecestershire to locate the Offchurch. This is also King Burgred’s hideout place where you will also have to beat him down as part of the “Tilting the Balance” story inside the game.

What all can you collect here?

Once you’ve reached the crypt of the Offchurch, you can search and look for the following items scattered across different areas at the location.

  • Carbon Ingot
  • Focus of the Nornir
  • Fyrd Spear
  • A key from the Skirmisher
  • Sepulcher Axe
  • Other loot chests

How to get collectible items from Offchurch?

Offchurch: Gears, Wealth Chests & Book of Knowledge Location |Assassin

To get all the collectible items from the crypt of the Offchurch, you will need to follow the steps we’ve mentioned below for each of the items hidden in the location. Before that, it’s important that you first reach Offchurch after speaking to Lady Aethelswith and find the old crypt.


Fyrd Spear

After you have health with the Skirmisher, you will be tasked to find the Fyrd Spear – this wealth is probably the most important one of the lot and can be found underwater. Go deep inside King Burdred’s hideout and locate a doorway with a weakened wall on your left.

Power type Range
Attack 42
Speed 55
Stun 33
Weight 14
Critical Chance 65

You will also find a guard inspecting it. Kill him and then fire the oil drum next to the wall to bring it down. Enter this doorway and dive into the water at the end of the corridor to grab the Fyrd Spear from the chest that’s present underwater.

Sepulcher Axe

The Sepulcher Axe can be grabbed by looting the chest inside the room adjacent to where you killed the Skirmisher. The chest will be inside the back right corner of this room and will have a note attached when you open it.

Power type Range
Attack 70
Speed 38
Stun 72
Weight 16
Critical Chance 49

However, in order to get your hands on it, you will first have to take out King Burgred with nothing but your fists. Once he goes down, you need to tie him up, grab the Sepulcher Axe and then carry him outside. You will need to take him with you to Tamworth.


Focus of the Nornir

You will be able to unlock a new ability inside Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Focus of the Nornir. You can unlock this wealth by heading down the crypt of the Offchurch through its main entrance on the northern side. When you enter the second room, you will be able to spot a huge gap on the right-hand side covered in cobwebs.

Go through this gap and you will now see the Book of Knowledge which will be the only highlighted item inside the room. Interact and collect this book to get the Focus of the Nornir.

Raw materials and other collectibles

Carbon Ingot

The Carbon Ingot is the first thing you’ll find when you head down into the crypt of the Offchurch. Once you’ve gone down the stairs, there will be a guard on your left. Kill him and move the shelf around which he was standing to access the hole at the bottom of the wall.

When you’re inside this hidden room, on your left, go through the gap in the wall covered by cobwebs and grab the Carbon Ingot by looting the chest inside the room.

A key from the Skirmisher

When you go down the Offchurch’s crypt during the “Tilting the Balance” story quest, one of the rooms you enter will feature a Skirmisher who holds a key. It’s a pretty easy task to beat him down and once he’s been killed, you will need to loot him to grab the Door key that opens up every locked door inside Offchurch.

Loot chests

Inside the Offchurch crypt, you will find a bunch of other loot chests that you can open to grab other necessary items like Hunter arrows, Iron Ore, Leather, and more.

What’s that barred door at Offchurch? How do you open it?

When playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you might run into a handful of barred doors that will be locked on the inside. As it turns out, the door is impossible to open as it can only be accessed at a certain point during the game, specifically during the “Tilting the Balance” quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

If you’re at the Offchurch location in Ledecestrescire without actually being in the “Tilting the Balance” quest, the door will appear locked and you won’t be able to unlock it even if you’re at the location.

To unlock this barred door at Offchurch, you need to be in the “Tilting the Balance” mission and go inside the crypt. As we explained above, you need to kill the Skirmisher and grab the Door key from his corpse.

This key can not only be used to unlock the door that would lead you to King Burgred but would also unlock the barred door.

What do you do with King Burgred?


After you defeat King Burgred, you tie him up and your next job is to kidnap him.

You will need to carry him from his hideout and mount him onto your horse.

Once you have safely reached outside the crypt, your next quest is to take him to Venonis to meet Sigurd and Ubba and then take him to Tamworth.

However, your journey back to Tamworth won’t be as swift as you’d have imagined. You will be continuously attacked by King Burgred’s loyal soldiers. You can avoid the fights with them if you take the ride through the woods. In case you didn’t, you’ll face soldiers who will attempt to throw you out of the horse but you can easily defeat them as well.

When you arrive at your destination, the “Tilting the Balance” mission will now be complete and you will receive a reward of 3400 XP.

Have you managed to find everything inside the crypt of Offchurch? 


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