We’re hiring!

NerdsChalk is looking for experienced writers with excellent writing skills, research ability, and someone who is a geek at heart. The ideal candidate would be extremely knowledgeable in the fields of any one or more fields of computer, mobile, tech-in-general, and gaming.

Full-time position:

This is a full-time position for writers willing to work from home, mostly during regular business hours but you do have the freedom to choose your own working schedule.

Your tasks may include working on How-To guides articles, explainers, editorial pieces, and other in-depth articles on tech and gaming.

Pay will depend on experience, expert knowledge, and writing skills. You need to show you have got impeccable English and are able to work at a good pace. You must also have a good self-starter attitude — you must be able to quickly research and gather content for the article yourself.

What we offer you:

  • Share your professional opinion with the world;
  • Easy, flexible working schedule with no fixed working hours — work when you want;
  • Work from your home: save time and money spent on traveling.

Job requirements:

  • True passion for tech or gaming or both;
  • Experience as a writer;
  • It’s a big benefit to be well versed in WordPress, but if you aren’t, it’s OK to simply be ready to work on it.

How to apply:

  • Provide links to your own articles that have been published on the web;
  • Include your CV in your application email;
  • Write a short letter explaining why you want to be a writer at NerdsChalk;
  • Mention all of your areas of interest — what you excel at;
  • At least one writing sample of a minimum of 700 words.

Please send an e-mail including the required items to the following address:  [email protected]

Freelancing opportunity:

If you are interested in writing occasionally for NerdsChalk, then there is a space for you too.  We are always on the lookout for a detailed How-To, explainer, UI review, data-backed-up, and the like article. You can contact us to pitch in your ideas. Be concise and direct.