How to Send Ivarr to Valhalla in AC Valhalla

The ‘Viking lore’, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been thoroughly researched and implemented within the game design, landscapes, NPCs, and character cosmetics. The game is a pure spectacle in terms of its details, storyline, and roughly 70-hour gameplay.

The game also has some plot-twists that focus on love, family, brotherhood, honor, and betrayal. The King Killer mission sets the climax for the relationship between Ivarr and Eivor, the protagonist.

The character flaws in Ivarr are slowly revealed with each passing mission until eventually, Eivor has to take the life of Ivarr. The battle is tricky as Ivarr will come at you wielding two axes with extreme battle lust.

Use a combination of long-ranged attacks to target Ivarr’s right leg and left arm as those are his weak spots. With two axes, Ivarr has some formidable attacks that cannot be parried and have to be dodged.

If his spinning attacks and ground attacks are accounted for, Ivarr will also use cunning to lure you into having a conversation, be wary of a dodge prompt during the fight.

The battle is a test of endurance where the player has to slash away at Ivarr’s health until a cut-scene begins.

After the boss fight, Eivor is presented with an option to either “send Ivarr to Valhalla” or “Deny him Valhalla” (Valhalla is a paradise for Norsemen who have fallen in battle).

There is nothing else you need to do thereafter. You will also be talking to Dubba later in the game. and at that time, be honest, else you will have to fight Ivarr again later. Just thought you should know.

The player can choose based on all of Ivarr’s evil deeds. The game presents you with choices at certain points during the game where the choices dictate the direction or sometimes even the outcomes of the story. Each choice having its own specific consequences.

Pro tip: Learning about enemy types, and equipping the right weapons to counter them will make gameplay easier.


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