Where and How To Find The Adze in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is out and making its rounds through every PC and console. The long-awaited game has around 60-70 hours of gameplay which provides a wholesome RPG experience. But the long gameplay hours usually translate to a long, grind of quests, side-quests, and NPC interactions.

Even if you are just digging in, or you have already put in some hours of gameplay, there will be certain points where you wish you could have progressed along more efficiently.

One such quest that can provide significant XP boosts is the “Order of The Ancients” side quest which will unlock the ‘Disorder of the Ancients trophy’.  The Order Member, Gunilla (The Azde) is a particularly tricky member to be crossed off the list.

Here is a guide to help you cruise through the quest.

How to find ‘The Adze’ in AC Valhalla?

We begin by traveling or fast traveling to “Ledecestrescire” on the map.

Then step into the village, find the man with a ‘chat bubble’ hovering over his head. Then accept and win the challenge for a “drink-off” and win to obtain a clue regarding the Order member.

Now head west of Ledecestrescire, where you will find a water mill. Once inside the water mill, loot all the objects with the prompts to find the location of the target.

The next destination is Repton, where you will find the target. Use “Odin Sight” to identify the target (highlighted in red while using Odin Sight) and proceed with either the aggressive approach or the stealth approach to assassinate.

The “Order of The Ancients” quest allows you to upgrade quickly while unlocking the rest of the story.

Pro-Tip: Sticking to the ‘stealth approach’ will improve ranged attacks while choosing an ‘aggressive approach’ will improve melee attacks quicker. If you are stuck fighting a stubborn enemy, switching between weapons and armor for different opponents will increase the chances of success.

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  1. “Now head west of Ledecestrescire, where you will find a water mill. Once inside the water mill”
    lol How far west? This is the least helpful thing I’ve read about the game. You have a map and an exact point, if you found it. Looks like you stole a description from somebody and tried to make it your own.

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