How To Get Cyne Belle Castle Armor and Wealth in AC Valhalla

By now you have probably learned a lot about Wealth Locations and secret chests that are littered around the map of Valhalla. The new Assassin’s Creed title is brimming with these spots all over, enticing you to find precious metals, silver, raw materials, and also certain kinds of weapons and armor.

The Cyne Belle Castle in AC Valhalla is one such Wealth Location where you can find various treasure chests along with a very important piece of armor.

Cyne Belle Castle Location

The Cyne Belle Castle can be found in the Oxenefordscire region of the map. Go to this clearly marked location on the map to loot all the treasure chests inside the castle.

Cyne Belle Castle Wealth Location

The Cyne Belle Castle is a Wealth Location you will come across while doing the Saga Stone quest. It is located in the southern part of Oxenefordscire and home to quite a range of activities, all linked directly to your campaign.

You can find up to five treasure chests and a valuable bit of armor while looting the Cyne Belle Castle. Here is how to locate all of them in your play-through.

Cyne Belle Castle Armor

Before you can find the Shishi Guard Armor, you must complete the quest and head back to your camp to have a word with Randvi. Only after the big talk will the final treasure available to you.

You need to head back to the Cyne Belle Castle after finishing the quest and assault. Once you have reached the Castle, Geadric will see you off, reminding you of King Aelfred who will be on his way here. There will be a cutscene at this point.

After that cutscene, simply head in through the main entrance of the castle and into the hallway. There, alongside some scrolls lying on the table, you will find an Armor chest containing the Shishi Guard.

So, there you have it!

These are all the major wealth locations and armor that you can currently find in Cyne Belle Castle, AC Valhalla. We recommend using the Shishi Armor with perhaps a Soldier’s Flail to really improve your combat effectiveness.

Cyne Belle Castle Treasure Chests Loot

In Cyne Belle Castle there are 5 locations where you can find and loot the treasure chests. Here is how you can get the loot from all of them:

Treasure Chest #1 Location

Make your way up the castle by climbing one of the fortifications from the side of the structure. There you have to deal with the guards that greet you before heading in through the door on the right.

Here you aim up with your equipped bow and shoot the wooden planks directly above you to break them. By climbing up the wooden wall you can enter the gap that you just created to reach what looks like some sort of an attic.

Using your Odin Sight and you will find that there is a treasure chest behind a shelf located in this room. Pull the shelf out of the way, and loot your first treasure chest in the Cyne Belle Castle.

Treasure Chest #2 Location

To find your next Treasure Chest in the Cyne Belle Castle go to the spot within the ramparts. Again, take out any guards here who might try and stop you from going any further and then use your Odin Sight.

You will find the chest in one of the tents located here. Simply open it up and loot it for some runes and raw materials.

Treasure Chest #3 Location

For the third treasure chest, make your way to the south side of the Cyne Belle Castle.

Use your Odin Sight to locate any guards over here and quickly assassinate them to secure the area. Enter one of the stone-built structures here to find the third treasure chest.

Loot the barrels along with the chest to get some silver, Iron ore, and other raw materials.

Treasure Chest #4 Location

To find the next and last treasure chest in Cyne Belle Castle, make your way over to the ramparts. Kill the solitary guard posted right beside the ladder and then head up the building, on to its roof. Jump down the gap on the roof, and you will find the treasure chest directly behind you, in the room.

Loot this final chest to find your tidiest haul of Iron Ore and Leather materials in the whole castle.

Treasure Chest #5 Location

For the fifth and last bit of treasure located in the castle, you will need to climb to the top of the castle’s ramparts. Kill the 3 guards present here, and then use your Odin’s Sight to locate the chest. You will find the 5th chest under a canopy here, containing more leather and iron raw materials.

These are the 5 treasure chest locations for you to find and loot in all of Cyne Belle Castle.