AC Valhalla Hamtunscire Wealth Locations and Guide

Apart from the main storyline, most of the activities you will take part in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be in the pursuit of one key element — wealth. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, wealth is essential if you want to improve and upgrade your weapons, your shields, and wish to upgrade your settlement.

You can acquire wealth by looting metal ingots, snatching important weapons and shields, getting Silver currency, and, most importantly, by collecting all the raw materials.

There are a number of approaches to acquiring said wealth in AC Valhalla — from loot and from raids. The rules stand true for all regions, including Hamtunscire. Here is a list of all the Wealth Locations you can find in the aforementioned region.

Important wealth locations in Hamtunscire Valhalla

Wealth locations in Hamtunscire are sprawled across Wessex. You can find Ingots, weapons, silver, and, of course, raw materials. Here’s how you can go about finding each and every one of them.

Tungsten Ingot #1

Go to Fearnhamme Ruins first. This is a restricted area so we suggest taking out the guards first before progressing. Head into the building and climb the wall right in front of you.

Having climbed the wall, turn around, and spot a red lock holding up the wooden chandelier. Equip your arrow and shoot this to send it crashing into the floor below, revealing a hidden spot.

Entering the Fearnhamme Ruins here, shoot the lock on the door visible through the Iron grill. You’ll also find a treasure map located right here for more locations.

Head out, and go around the building structure to reach the door you just unlocked. Head in, and you’ll find your first Tungsten Ingot from the chest present here.

Tungsten Ingot #2

To find your second Tungsten Ingot in Hamtunscire, head over to the spot between Readingum Abbey and Stonehenge. This area is also restricted. So, in order for you to get at the metal, you would first need to deal with all the enemies guarding it.

Having killed all of them, head around the house to the left-most window and shoot the lock on the door from here. This will unlock the door for you to enter.

However, you can’t just go in and open the Lumberjack’s chest.

Head west of the house, past a broken-splintered hut. You would come across a small well there. Break open the mouth of the covered well and climb down. You’ll find a chest of treasure along with the previous chest’s key over here. Head back to that spot on the map and obtain your second piece of Tungsten Ingot from within.

Tungsten Ingot #3

Like most, this, too, is a restricted area. Head over Uffentune and deal with the enemies located there.

Climb this perch here on the side of the barn and shoot the red lock visible inside. After that, head inside the barn, through the door you just unlocked. Loot the chest in the corner here to grab your third Tungsten Ingot in the map of Hamtunscire

Tungsten Ingot #4

Head over to the spot near the Dertemor Bandit Camp. Sneak around to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

Use your Odin sight to locate the guard carrying the key in the camp and kill him. That’ll give you the key you need to open the chest here.

Use your Odin sight a second time to locate the hut with the treasure chest located in the camp. Kill the guard at the door and head in to find and loot your fourth Tungsten Ingot in Hamtunscire.

Tungsten Ingot #5

Head over to the camp at Werham. Being a restricted area, you’ll find loads of enemies in the camp.

The key, however, is not with one of the enemies but stored safely in a hut deep inside the settlement. You can use your Odin sight to locate this house towards the right-corner and enter through the back after climbing up. After locating the key and finding it, head out through the front door, towards your right. This house, as revealed by your Odin sight will have a treasure chest for you to unlock.

Loot this chest after having unlocked it and you’ll receive your fifth Tungsten Ingot in the region of Hamtunscire.

Tungsten Ingot #6

For your next piece of Tungsten Ingot, you need to head over to the Clausentum Bandit Hideout.

Finding the Ingot here is pretty easy. It’s with the large brutish enemy here with a gold sign above his head. All you need to do is kill them and then loot their corpse. Kill the enemies and loot the large one and you shall receive your sixth Tungsten Ingot along with some Titanium metal pieces.

Tungsten Ingot #7

For your next piece of Tungsten Ingot, you’ll need to make your way over to this small island located in Hamtunscire.

There’s a ‘Goliath’ class enemy here in the camp whom you’ll need to kill and obtain the key from. Play it carefully and kill him last if you can’t deal with him right away – then steal the key off of him. After getting the key, head in the door ahead of you and you’ll find a chest sitting towards the left corner. Open it and you’ll have your seventh piece of Tungsten Ingot.

Tungsten Ingot #8

Head over to the outpost located in Hamtunscire. The enemy you’re looking for is the ‘Banneret’ class of enemy. Deal with other guards here before you take him on.

You’ll find the Banneret to have a little gold indicator on the top of his head, just like from the one before. Kill him and loot his corpse to gain your eight Tungsten Ingot.

Vordr’s Bite

At the same spot where you found the 8th piece of Tungsten Ingot, you’ll also find the ‘Vordr’s Bite’ from the armory.

For that, you’ll need to head inward of this spot after you’d killed the Banneret. Climb through the broken spot on the walls and you’ll find your next target who’s got the key to the Armory. Kill the Kinsman and other enemy types here to obtain the Armory key from him.

Head into the hole in the stadium here to find a secret room with its gate blocked by rubble and shelves. Remove the shelf from here, and unless you’ve got the flaming arrow upgrade, you’ll need to head back and grab a fire urn. Blast the entrance and go in to find another secret passage with a shelf in front of it.

Remove it and you’ll find the next hidden chest in this location going inside the passage. Unlock and loot the chest to receive your Vordr’s Bite ax — a mighty fine weapon for dispatching your foes quickly in a fight.

Soldier’s Flail

Travel to Chepeham in Hamtunscire.

Enter a hut over there and go through the door immediately on your left. Climb the wooden platform, and with your Odin Sight enabled, shoot the red-marked lock in front of you. Then, climb up the wall in front and you’ll find the chest to your left. This will give you the Soldier’s Flail, which is another strong long-range weapon for you to use in AC Valhalla.

Death – Skald

Heading back to the Island where you found your seventh piece of Ingot, you’ll want to travel to Brerdinges Roman Ruins.

Swim towards this central pillar here and dive inwards. While diving deep into the water, enable your Odin Sight and you’ll receive a hint about the chest located here. Swim above the statue and through a hole and you’ll find the treasure chest on your left. Looting this will grant you the Death-Skald which is a formidable Bow in the arsenal you’ll keep in Valhalla.

Raids and Raw Materials in Hamtunscire Valhalla

Apart from all these Wealth Locations in Hamtunscire, you can also find Raw Materials for your use. Like most raw materials, you’ll need to initiate Raids for you to invade other settlements, fight them and then loot their plunder.

Raid #1

To begin the first Raid, head over to Readingum Abbey. Equip your horn and use it to start the raid.

Kill all the enemies present in this area, then search and loot all the chests in the vicinity to find all the raw material hidden. These would prove useful in upgrading your settlement.

Raid #2

To embark on the second raid in Hamtunscire, head over to this spot close to the river near Readingum Abbey. Initiate the raid with your fellow Vikings and head into the camp.

Again, kill and defeat all the enemies you find at this settlement and make your way to the Wealth Locations showing up on your hud. Break open the door to the churches and other huts here and gather all the raw materials present from the large golden chests.

These pretty much make up for all the Wealth Locations you can currently find in the region of Hamtunscire, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. We hope this guide helps you find them all and make the push for a 100% completion in the game!