Jorvik Wealth and Treasures in AC Valhalla: Where to Find Ingots and Gear Easily

Upgrading the quality (tier) of your weapons and armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla requires Ingots. These are considered a type of wealth and are crafting material which is essential if you’re looking to upgrade your gear to the max or completing the game 100%.

They are highlighted on the map as three gold bars and can be found in different regions. Ingots are usually found in hidden chests spread all across the map. In today’s guide, we give a detailed account of where to find Ingots and other gear in the Jorvik region. So, without further ado, let’s get hunting.

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Jorvik Ingots

Jorvik All Tungsten Ingots Assassin

Most of the ingots found in the Jorvik region are Tungsten Ingots which are used to get your gear from Tier 3 to Tier 4.

#1 – At Coppergate Market

Make your way to the destination and you’ll find your way barred by a locked door. Destroy the door from a small window to its right and open it.

Once inside, your path will be blocked by a rock wall. To destroy this, you’ll have to climb down and carry one of the explosive pots to the door.

Place the explosive in front of the wall, get out, and before the door swings shut fire an arrow at it (this is done to avoid being burnt by the explosive yourself). Now, you can open up the chest and get your Tungsten ingot.

#2 – Next to the Councillor’s House

Get to the destination and you’ll find that the chest is locked thrice. To open it up, you will require three keys to open it up.

The problem here is that none of the keys are in Jorvik so you’re going to have to run around a bit. For the keys, you’ll have to visit the cursed areas.

Cultist Hideout Key #1

The first cultist key is found at a tower east of Anlaf’s lookout. Climb the tower and get near the cursed skull where you’ll find the first key.

Cultist Hideout Key #2

The second key is found in the north-west region of Eurvicscire in a place called Ritual Circle. Once you get there, shoot the icy ponds and dive underwater.

Once underwater, you’ll find a key. Note: this is not the cultist key, but it will help you find it.

Now, return to the land and to the Ritual shrine, go downstairs, open the door using the key you found, and you’ll find the Cultist Key by looting the body.

Cultist Hideout Key #3

For the third key, we’re going to the east of Eurvicscire. Here, you’ll find the key under a big tree close to the Dalby Forest. There are no puzzles here; simply walk up to the tree and grab the cultist key.

#3 – The Minister

Get to the destination and climb inside the building through the roof. Simple as pie.

#4 – Jorvik Underground

The ingot is underground and you’ll have to go through the Multangular Tower.

You’ll come across a couple of enemies by a rock wall with pot explosives. Use your arrows on them to clear the way and blow up the wall.

From the blown up wall, move to your right and you’ll find a moving wall. Move it inside and place it in the center of the room so you can climb onto it later.

On your right, break the wooden wall, and get out the pot explosive. Climb on the moveable wall with the explosive. Throw it to the area where the stairs lead – this will blow up the wall.

Use Odin’s sight to find the latch on the ladder and shoot it to drop it down. Get on to the stairs and get your ingot.

#5 – Under Jorvik Theater

Go south of the gear market and break a wooden floor to get underground.

Dive inside and underwater and move forward. Get out from the top, slide through the crack in the wall and get to the open area. On the right, move along the wall and move the wall to reveal the crack below.

Get through it and keep moving forward and slide through the cracks in the wall. On the right, you’ll find the iron door open and the chest inside. But the chest is locked.

In the room itself, there’ll be a bookcase filled with scrolls. Climb it to find a key.

This key will be used to open a door nearby and get the key for the ingot chest. Now just return to the chest and get your ingot.

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Jorvik Gear

Jorvik: All Wealth Locations | Gear/Armor Chests | Assassin

The Jorvid region also contains some unique gear items that you should not forego. Let’s take a look at how and where to get them.

 #1 – Hidden One’s Robes (under Jorvik Theater)

There’s a reason we mentioned this gear first. It is also found in the room where you received the ingot key for the last ingot. If you successfully found the last ingot, then you could also open up the chest that is in that room and get yourself the Hidden One’s Robes.

#2 – Aella’s Bardiche (Jorvik Theater)

Head towards where the Aella’s Bardiche is located and go to the breakable wall that is to the west.

But before you blow it up, head to the wall opposite and find the key inside. This will come in handy later.

Now you can go ahead and blow up the wall with explosive pots that are found on top.

Once inside, you’ll come across a few boxes with a moveable wall behind. Destroy the boxes, move the wall, and you’ll find a locked door.

Use the key you found earlier to open the door and open the chest inside to get Aella’s Bardiche.

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#3 – Sagittarius Bow (Jorvik Underground)

This gear item is also found nearby an ingot (#4). Once you find the ingot, get down from the ledge, go to the broken wall to the left, and grab an explosive pot. Come out of the room, take a left, and throw it at the wall in front.

Make your way through until you get to the next room with more explosive pots. Grab one and very carefully make your way to the end of the room until you find another breakable wall.

Beyond the wall, dive underwater and keep swimming, and get out from the top. Slide through the crack in the wall and move forward (there will be explosive pots on your right) until you come across a moveable wall. Move it back, grab an explosive pot and throw it at the wall.

Now, head inside and you’ll find the chest that contains the Sagittarius Bow.

#4 – Spinning Death (Trade Depot)

Unlike the previous gears items, this one is fairly easy to find. Make your way to the trader depot, climb atop the building that has the gear inside, and enter from the top.

Get all the way to the bottom, find an iron gate, enter it, and the chest with Spinning Death will be in front of you.

#5 – Fyrd Axe (Forseti’s Rest)

Get to the feats hall in Foresti’s Rest and to the right you’ll find a moveable wall.

To the left, you’ll find a key under a crate (use Odin’s sight). Now, move the wall back and climb up. Here, to the left, break the wooden wall which will reveal the crate harboring the Fyrd Axe.