AC Valhalla Lunden Wealth Location Guide: Where to Find the Nickel Ingots and Treasures

Usually in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Wealth Locations show up as golden dots on your in-game map. Many of them you’ll find can be revealed to you by exploring areas and settlements, and also by synchronizing with viewpoints around the map. It is only when you get close enough to these ‘Wealth Locations‘ do you really find out what type of loot it really is.

Lunden is located in the Wessex region of the map in AC Valhalla. There are approximately 8 Wealth Locations for you to find and loot in Lunden and we’re going to help you find them all. Here’s where you can get started at.

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All Nickel Ingots Locations in Lunden

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - All Wealth Locations - Lunden England

There are around 4 Nickel Ingots you can find in all of Lunden. To start your hunt off, locate the spots on the map and travel to them.

Nickel Ingot #1

In Lunden, swim across the water you see in front of you towards the middle and dive. You’ll be met with a wooden panel blocking your way. Equip your weapon to break it and then swim inwards.

You’ll see the chest sitting right ahead. To get the key you need to open it, head back out from where you came, and locate the enemy group nearby. You should see a Goliath class enemy with a ‘key’ sign above his head.

Kill him, obtain the key, and swim back in to find the first Nickel Ingot.

Nickel Ingot #2

After reaching the spot in Ludington Bureau, head up the fort you see in front of you. You have to climb the curved tree at the top of the fort.

Now, dive into the pool of water below and you shall find yourself at the Londinium Bureau. Dive further below and find another wooden boarding blocking a gateway. Break it and go on ahead. A little ways ahead, dive into the small pool below the platform to find a chest underwater.

Loot it to obtain the second piece of Nickel Ingot.

Nickel Ingot #3

Once you’re at the location near the Temple of Sulis Minerva, run ahead and climb into the temple in front. Head left, equip your bow and shoot down the cargo you see here.

Head inside the room below through the gap ahead and locate the chest sitting in the corner. Loot this to find your third Nickel Ingot in Lunden.

Nickel Ingot #4

So to get the Crepelgate Fort, you’ll have to clear out an entire enemy settlement. Use your eagle vision to highlight the enemy who’ll have the key to the chest on him. After having dealt with them all, head inside and you’ll find the chest sitting in a small pit.

Open it with the key you just took and you’ll have your fourth piece of Nickel Ingot in Lunden.

Finding the Hidden Ones Mask in Lunden

Located in the Londinium Bureau where you found the second Nickel ingot, you’ll also find the Hidden Ones mask. So, climb up the platform above you and perch yourself on the wire ahead. From here, shoot the red barrel you see inside the room.

Make your way into the room using the bars and spools of rope in front of you. Inside, loot the chest you find to get the Hidden Ones mask!

How to get the Blacksmith’s Hammer in Lunden

Reach Bodilsburg Garrison in Lunden.

Climb inside the Garrison, getting in through the roof. Once inside, head into the room ahead. You’ll have to smash a wooden panel of the floor above you to be able to run up and keep going. We suggest using your Bow and Arrow to get the job done.

You’ll find that this is where the chest you’ll have to loot, is located. Use your eagle vision to find and kill the guard who’s got the key to this chest. Pro tip: Try and assassinate him before fighting to bring him down to almost half his health!

How to find the Briton Shield at Lunden

Locate and enter the Temple of Mithras.

The Temple of Mithras is a restricted area, and you might have to take on a few guards before heading in. Run down the steps in the middle and go through the gap here.

Going in from here, head right down the path, and then take a left to cross the room. Find and move a shelf of wares in front and that will reveal a small gap you can slide through.

Go down the steps and keep heading right till you’re in a large room. The chest containing the Briton Shield will be on your left in the corner.

Finding the Iron Cloud in Lunden

Reach the area near Londingam Amphitheater and deal with any guards that might detect you in the vicinity.

Head in through the doorway and climb up the wooden roof on your right. Equip your bow and aim through the window in front of you. Using your eagle vision, shoot the red lock to unlock the front door.

Head inside the hall to find a golden chest hidden in a small room on the left. You’ll need a key to open this chest. Move the shelf located towards the right of the hall to reveal a small gap you can slide through. Get the key from the drawer here and you can then go back and loot the Iron Cloud bow from the chest back there.

These are all the Wealth Locations in Lunden that we currently know of. You can check our site out for further guides on other vital Wealth Locations, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.