What are Sigurd Strikes in AC Valhalla?

The latest iteration of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is out and can be played as the Viking Eivor. Regardless of whether you play as male or female, Sigurd is going to have a huge role to play in the game as your (foster) brother. Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

Maintaining brotherly love can be difficult, and trust becomes a tricky thing when you’re a Viking. But amidst all the rampaging and marauding, you have to keep in mind how your decisions are going to affect your brother who isn’t very different from you.

Both of you leave Norway behind in search of a new life and settlement in England. But due to the set of events that take place in Valhalla, precipitated by your decisions, Sigurd may end up staying in England or going back to Norway – it all depends on you.

So what are these Sigurd Strikes and how can you avoid or get them? This guide will break down all that you need to do to keep Sigurd in England or have him return to Norway.

Sigurd Strikes – What are they?

As Eivor’s brother, Sigurd remains perhaps the most important character. All the choices that you make end up determining the status of your relationship with him. This is gauged by the Sigurd Strikes system in Valhalla.

These are basically five decisions that you make over the course of the story that will impact your relationship with your brother.

If you make three out of the five choices wrong, you strike out with your brother, your leadership comes into question, and Sigurd leaves England.

If you make the right choices, brothers reunite and everybody joins in for the latest Wardruna song and lets down a tear. Just kidding, Vikings don’t cry.

Avoiding Sigurd Strikes (Good Ending)


The five decisions that Eivor needs to make are spread out in the storyline and will come up at crucial moments of the game.

Remember, to avoid striking out with your brother, you’ll have to make three of the following five choices right. Here is what you should avoid striking out if you want to get a happy family ending.

1. Leave the treasure

It may not be quintessentially Viking, but you have to leave the treasure behind during the Prologue if you want to gain a mite of good favor with Sigurd.

2. Turn down Randvi

This one’s hard, especially considering that Sigurd’s wife Randiv fancies Eivor. But think about your brother, turn down her offer, and you’ll keep yourself from striking out with him. You’ll have time to get back with her once they’re separated. Patience.

3. Take it easy

In the later game, you’ll find yourself in an argument with Basim and Sigmund. During these conversations, do not try to stoke the fire or punch them out. Keep calm and choose ‘Take a breath‘ and ‘Enough of this‘ option. This will keep Sigurd from bearing any ill will against you and get you closer to the good ending.

4. Respect your opponent

In the climax of ‘A Brewing Storm’  you and Dag finally battle it out. After defeating him, you should ‘Give Dag his axe‘ as a final gesture of respect. Even though he can be quite the annoying bug, doing so will keep Sigurd happy as Dag was, after all, a Viking who fought by your side for most of the campaign.

5. Support Sigurd’s judgment

This choice comes later. Sigmund will look to you for support when an argument breaks out. Be a good brother and support him over the Ravensthrope characters that are questioning his judgment.

Getting Sigurd Strikes (Bad Ending)

Now, if you’re not particularly fond of Sigurd or don’t care a toss for whether he stays or leaves, put on your Viking game face and go against every little thing that he stands for. Don’t worry if you end up making the right decision by mistake. Strikeout thrice and you’re good (or bad, depending on how you see it).

1. Take the Treasure

In the prologue, take all the treasures and resources with you to England. You deserve it.

2. Get with Randvi

Surely, only a fool would turn down a beauty like Randvi, brother’s wife, or no. This will surely make Sigmund very cross.

3. Sock ’em

During your arguments with Basim and Sigmund, instead of trying to look to dissolve the tension, punch ’em. You don’t need anyone’s appreciation; you are right.

4. No respect

If you’re like us, you know that Dag had been asking for it since the beginning. So, once you defeat him, make him pay for being a schmuck by discounting him his dignity. Of course, your brother will bring it up again before he leaves for Norway, that prick.

5. The final nail in the coffin

When the argument breaks out between Sigurd and the Ravensthropes, back you latter. That will surely send him flying in rage and distrust.

And that’s about it. Whether you want to be the lone warrior and relish the spoils of carnage alone, or lead the Vikings with your kin by your side – the decision is yours.