AC Valhalla: What to Build First?

While building a settlement may not be a driving element of the main game in AC Valhalla, there are still certain structures that Eivor needs to develop to enable their progress in the game. Even without the sense of compulsion, building your settlement is a great way to interact with the game.

You can spend some time away from the main plot to ensure better access to certain perks and benefits in the game when you choose to spend more time in the Settlement. Besides this, Eivor also meets new people and helps his own tribe in the process.

So while building your settlement may not have the kind of pay-off that the main plot does, it adds value to your gaming experience and helps to bond better with this brilliant and beautiful game.

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Of course, building a settlement is not exactly an easy task. There is the major question that pertains to what to build first that needs to be addressed along with a few other things, so here’s everything you need to know.

How do I build a Settlement?


Establishing a settlement plays a key role in the clan’s successful transitions to England. Once you get rid of the bandits and lay claim to the territory, you will be tasked with setting up various buildings that will make the settlement livable and identify it as belonging to your clan.

Your settlement will have strategic buildings that will enable Eivor in terms of outfitting their weaponry, assemble Jomsviking for missions, calling feasts for celebrations, and even enjoying some amount of romance.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the settlement building process will occur in three levels and it’s not a one-time task. As the main plot of the game progresses, the development of the settlement will occur side-by-side.

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Where to find materials?

In order to build a settlement, you will first have to acquire the raw materials and supplies required to construct the building. Supplies are available across the world and you can acquire them by looting chests. These chests are indicated by the familiar gold icon on the map.

For raw materials, you need to go on raiding trips to nearby English towns and monasteries. You can refer to the cartographer’s map (once you’ve built the building) for more places that are loaded with raw materials, however, you need to go check the power of each raid location so that this activity does not kill Eivor in case their levels don’t match.

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What is the cost to build the settlement?

All buildings have been categorized into three levels and to cost to build them depends on which level of development you’re on. For all buildings that are on settlement level 1, you will need 400 supplies and 30 raw materials to construct each structure.

Buildings on level 2 require a bit more at 600 supplies and 45 raw materials. Finally, the most extra and options buildings that are categorized in level 3 will require 800 supplies and 60 raw materials.

What you also need to remember is that you will not be able to construct buildings in the following level till the ones in the preceding level haven’t been completed already.

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Mandatory Buildings

There are some buildings that are of paramount importance and you absolutely must construct them so that you will be able to play the game comfortably, power-up Eivor and take the main plot forward. These include the following.


Building the Blacksmith will achieve two things. Firstly, it will give Gunnar the ability to upgrade your weapons, and secondly, you will be able to fortify and enhance your weapons with runes. This building is absolutely important to make sure your weapons are fit for battles.

How to unlock: Finish quest ‘Family Matters’

Benefits: Multiple Weapons and Runes availability

Hidden Ones Bureau (Assassin’s Hut)

Eivor will provide living quarters as well as an ideal location for the operation of the Hidden Ones by building the Bureau. Since Eivor will be taking on long-term quests for the Hidden Ones like killing all templars across England, this construction will take longer than others. However, you need to make sure that this quest is completed.

How to unlock: Finish quest To Serve The Light

Benefits: Leap Of Faith and Breaking The Order unlocks

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Reda’s Shop

You don’t have to construct this shop as much as it will appear on its own once you claim at least one region. But you need to make sure that Reda’s shop is set up in your settlement so that you can do tasks that will earn you good rewards.

How to unlock: Claim one region on the English map

Benefits: Reda’s Opal Tasks

Optional Buildings


The Barracks are responsible for hosting your Jomsvikings. You need to make sure that the Barracks are ready so that you can take more people with you on raids whenever the need arises. The Barracks also allow you to customize the looks and weapons of your Jomsvikings.

How to unlock: Finish quest Settling Down

Benefits: Hire Jomsvikings for missions

The Stables and Aviary

Your horse and raven are very crucial elements in the game. Animal training and endurance will be important to improve the animal’s abilities and this will be done in the Stables and Aviary.

How to unlock: Finish quest Settling Down

Benefits: Horse and Raven Upgrades/Customizations

Seer’s Hut

All the psychedelic adventures that include Asgard and Odin will be accessed from the Seer’s Hut. You need to set up the Seer’s Hit so that Valka can brew you the potions necessary to take these fantastic trips.

How to unlock: Reach Settlement Level 3

Benefits: Mythological quests and visions

Trading post

Buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of objects ranging from runes and cosmetics to longship blueprints at a Trading Post. A trading post allows other traders an avenue in Ravensthorpe to communicate with Eivor and hence, bring in a wider variety of objects that you might want or need.

How to unlock: Finish quest Settling Down

Benefits: Buy and sell various useful items


The Bakery will enable you to throw really lavish parties in the Longhouse by providing freshly baked goods. Setting up a bakery will also give Eivor a nice boost of health in the process.

How to unlock: Reach Settlement Level 2

Benefits: Throw more lavish feasts


Whether you’re in dire need of raw materials or simply looking to hunt for great treasures across England, setting up a home for the Cartographer will give you access to special maps that will reveal pleasant secrets of England and give you great wealth.

How to unlock: Reach Settlement Level 3

Benefits: Get special maps, items, and resources

That’s everything there is to know on what to build first in AC Valhalla. Make sure that you prioritize the mandatory buildings because once you do this, developing the rest of your settlement will be a much more sorted task as the level 1 requirement gets fulfilled. We hope you found this article helpful. Take care and stay safe!


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