AC Valhalla Stavanger Wealth Locations and Guide: Where To Find the Loot

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the latest addition to its open-world RPG franchise launched on November 10, 2020, and fans are absolutely loving it. This game takes a deep dive into the age of Vikings and gives us a breathtaking Nordic adventure set in old England.

As Eivor, an aspiring Viking conqueror, you sign up for a game filled with adventure, an intense and gripping storyline, and of course, the violence that comes with the dark ages. Wealth and treasure objects are important to get you upgrades, a formula that is more or less constant in most RPGs, to get you the upgrades that you will need as the game progresses.

So here’s everything you need to know about the wealth and treasure chest locations in Stavanger.

Stavanger Wealth and Treasure Chest Locations

Stavanger: Wealth and Treasure Chest Location | Rygjafylke | Assassin

Our guides below cover the location to every wealth and treasure chest location in the Stavanger map. You can refer to Gamerpillar’s video above to locate the places we’ve mentioned in the guides below.

Location #1

From central Stavanger, make your way to the house that basically resembles a butcher’s shop. Inside the shop, a shelf is located between a table full of meat on the left and a butchered pig on the right. Drag the shelf back to reveal the secret passageway and make your way into the passageway.

Use your bow and arrow to shoot down the hanging boulder by aiming your arrow on the clamp at the top. Once the boulder collapses make your way down and keep walking ahead till you arrive at the treasure chest. Loot it to acquire a Carbon Ingot.

Location #2

This location is actually a house with barred doors which is why you cannot directly enter it. instead, make your way to the restricted area where the guard tower is located. Climb the tower till you reach the top floor which is basically a small balcony/terrace with open entrances on different sides. Walk to the entrance next to the basket filled with bows, from here you will be able to see a wooden house.

Loot a bow from the basket, then aim and release it at the top-front section of the house at the wicker planks. Once the wicker planks collapse, an opening will become available for you. Now, perform a long jump to climb on top of the house and enter it from the gap you created using the bow. Inside the house, you will see the loot chest which is ready for looting. You will acquire a Carbon Ingot from this chest.

Location #3

Go to the houses on the Northwest side of Stavanger. Look for a house with a female statue as a marker present next to it. Enter the house and go right in till you arrive at the small storage area. Here, you will find a chest that contains Iron Ore, an Armor Rune, and some leather.

Location #4

The treasure chest for this location is present in a house on the east side of the Stavanger. Navigate till you are directly facing a cluster of houses with three stone pillars before them. Go to the house in the middle, it will be marked with an X arrow right next to the entrance. Enter the house and move the two shelves to reveal a secret entrance. Climb down the ladder to reach the basement, right next to the ladder, there will be two chests with iron ore and leather.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Until next time, take care and stay safe!


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