AC Valhalla Deserted Chalet Key Location: Where and How To Find The Key

Worried about facing the Grind in AC Valhalla? Well, you can at least put that fear to rest, if you know how to explore and where to go. The Deserted Chalet is one of the many Wealth Locations that are there for you to plunder while you traverse the massive map Ubisoft has put together.

These Wealth Locations will be your primary source of loot and resources, other than the items you’ll gain from Story progression and challenges. They’ll also have a bit of lore that you can follow, in sync with the world of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Deserted Chalet Key Location

As the name suggests, the place is deserted except for a Carbon Ingot that you can find in a sealed chest inside a house.

Reached the place already? Well someone knows how important Carbon Ingots are in AC Valhalla. Heading in, you’ll find two notes that will explain the situation to you, and forebode you about what’s to come next. Mount your horse and head towards the right of the path – North of the house. You’ll soon find a small clearing, where you can see a pack of wolves surrounding what seems to be a skeletal corpse.

Finding the Locked Chest’s Key

Deserted Chalet Chest Key Location Assassin

Yes, that’s Ornir from the note you just read back at the house. We suggest you use your bow to quickly take down the wolves, or you can get up close and avenge Ornir the way you know Eivor would want to.

Once you’ve dealt with them, you can loot poor Ornir’s body to find the key you’d need to open the locked chest back there. There’s also a final note near him for you to read that ties up Ornir’s journal to an end there.

Now that you have the key, go back to the Deserted Chalet and open up the chest. Getting your hands on Carbon Ingots early on can mean you can enhance Eivor’s weapons and equipment and take tougher challenges head-on. Again, there are other places just like this in Norway you can traverse, and get your hands on the right loot, right away.