Fortnite Season 5: Every NPC With Their Location Map & Guide

Fortnite Season 5 was recently released to the public and it introduces a huge roster of NPCs for users to interact with. There are currently 40 new NPCs in Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 and more are on the way according to a recent trailer released by the game. NPCs allow you to take up bounties which in turn help you earn some gold bars.

Gold bars can then be redeemed for rare and legendary weapons in the game. If you too are looking to jump on this bandwagon in Fortnite BR, then let’s take a look at all the 40 NPCs currently available in Fortnite.

Note: Some characters have multiple spawn locations, and only the known ones have been listed below.


Location: Hunter’s Haven

Lexa can give you the Storm Scout Rifle in exchange for 1225 Gold. She is a new character in Season 5 and should be easily found in the main building in Hunter’s Haven.


Location: Dirty Docks

Reese carries the Shadow Tracker exotic weapon which can also be received in exchange for 1225 Gold. Reese is usually patrolling the upper levels of the east building in dirty docks.


Location: Colossal Colliseum

Menace carries around an Epic Heavy AR. This can be earned as a reward after defeating Menace in a duel. Menace does not offer any additional weapons in exchange for gold bars.


Location: Butter Barn, Southern Edge of the Desert

Mancake will give you the Exotic Night Hawk revolved in exchange for 1225 Gold Bars. Additionally, you can also pay around 100 Gold Bars to recruit Mancake to your team.


Location: Catty Corner (SW on map)

Mave is an easy to find NPC. You should find her roaming around Catty’s Corner, once you reach her location. Mave does not offer any weapons but instead can be hired as your aid for the price of 100 Gold Bars.


Location: Misty Meadows

Kondor can be usually found on the main streets of Misty Meadows. If you are unable to find him there, you should check the main building. Kondor can award you with the Dragon’s Breath Epic Shotgun for 98 Gold Bars. Additionally, you can also challenge Kondor to a duel to have a chance at receiving another Epic weapon.


Location: The Razor Crest

The Mandalorian is one of the most sought after NPCs in Season 5. The location of the Razor Crest ship was also one of the very first challenges. Mandalorian is a boss NPC which means that he will attack you on sight. Defeat the Mandalorian and you will be able to get the Legendary Amban Sniper Rifle as well as a Jetpack from him.

The Reaper

Location: The Hillside Mansion

Reaper is found in the Hillside Mansion, usually at the upper levels of the structure. Reaper usually offers multiple bounties and challenges. He does not come with any weapons but can be hired as a mercenary to aid you in your efforts.


Location: The South Side of Dirty Docks

Brutus usually has the Legendary Heavy AR for sale at the price of 245 Gold Bars. You can also hire Brutus as a recruit or duel him to get the Epic SMG.


Location: The Sheriff’s Office, North East of Zero Point

This is pretty easy as Deadfire usually pretends to be the Sheriff in the main office. Apart from bounties and challenges, you can also buy ‘Rare’ weapons from Deadfire. The weapons keep changing but it is usually a ‘Pistol’ in most cases which is sold for 25 Gold Bars.


Location: Crashed Cargo

Triggerfish hides in the fallen cargo crates  and usually has multiple challenges to offer. Additionally, you can purchase the ‘Rare’ SMG from Triggerfish in exchange for 40 Gold Bars.


Location: Steamy Stacks

Bullseye also has a rare weapon on sale which is the rare Heavy Assault Rifle. You can also hire Bullseye for your current match in exchange for 100 Gold Bars.


Location: The Flushed Building

The Bandolier is a bit hard to find and usually spawns in the general area of ‘The Flushed Building’. Once found, you can either buy the Rare charged shotgun, get ammo, or hire him as a part of your team. The Bandolier also charges 100 Gold Bars for his mercenary services.


Location: The Mountain East of Misty Meadows

Longshot gives you the option to purchase a Rare Bolt Action Rifle for the price of 196 Gold Bars. You can also receive bounties from him as well as hire him as your mercenary during the game. If you wish to hire Longshot, it will cost you around 100 gold bars.


Location: Unremarkable Shack

Splode seems to love the sea as I’ve always found him looking out into the ocean on the island. Once you find him, you can either take up bounties, accept challenges, or buy weapons. In terms of weapons, Splode gives you the Legendary Rocket Launcher as well as the exotic Boom Sniper Rifle. The SR will cost you around 1225 Gold Bars while the Rocket Launcher will cost you 784 Gold Bars.


Location: Timber Tent

Blaze usually has fewer items on offer when compared to other NPCs. You can either take up a bounty, buy a firefly jar, or challenge her to a duel. The firefly jar will cost you around 147 Gold Bars while winning a duel with her will give you the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun.


Location: The Hilltop House, near Pleasant Park

Remedy usually hangs out in the building in the medical ward. You can take up bounties, buy bandages, or hire Remedy as a recruit for you. Bandages will cost you around 50 Gold Bars.

Big Chuggus

Location: Slurpy Swamp

Big Chuggus is in the Slurpy factory and has multiple challenges on offer. Big Chuggus also sells small shield potions in exchange for 87 Gold Bars  and winning a duel against him will award you with the Epic SMG.


Location: Weeping Woods, inside an RV

Kyle usually seems to be chilling around in his RV. You can get challenges and buy wood from Kyle. Additionally, Kyle also sells a map that allows you to view the nearby locations of all campfires. The wood will cost you 100 Gold bars while the map will cost you 10 gold bars.


Location: The Mountain North of Retail Row

Cole seems to only give challenges and sell resources. You can take up to 3 challenges from Cole as well as buy metal from him for around 100 gold bars.


Location: The Viking Ship, West of Holly Hedges

Ragnarok is usually standing near his ship and has multiple challenges on offer. You can also take up bounties from him or challenge him to a duel. Winning in the duel will give you the Epic SMG, 28 wood, and 24 bricks. Additionally, you can also buy a treasure map from him for 10 gold bars that will reveal the location of all the treasure chests near you.


Location: Northwest of Salty Towers

Bushranger usually has harvest related challenges on offer. You can also purchase chilli from bushranger which will give you a speed boost for around 50 gold bars. Additionally, he can also be recruited to your team for the price of 100 gold bars.


Location: North of Pleasant Park

This escapee from the prison for crash dummies has escaped and has a few challenges on offer that can help you earn some gold bars. He is also the only NPC in the game that can help you get ‘The Dub’, which is an exotic shotgun. Dummy also has rare bouncers on sale which can help improve accessibility to your structures.


Location: The Lazy Lake

Sparkplug is a very helpful NPC that helps you upgrade any weapon that you find in the wild. Additionally, you can take multiple challenges from Sparkplug as well as buy a map that reveals nearby cars. The treasure map will cost you 100 gold bars while the upgrade cost will depend on the weapon you are carrying.


Location: SW of Steamy Stacks

Burnout too is on par with Sparkplug and only offers challenges and bounties. He also has a treasure map on offer that will reveal the location of all nearby cars to you. This map can be purchased from Burnout in exchange for 100 Gold Bars.


Location: Lazy Lake Island

Turk is a fisherman by profession and only has challenges on offer. You can additionally purchase a fishing rod from him in exchange for 15 Gold Bars. Most challenges offered by Turk are related to fishing activities.


Location: SE of Salty Towers

Outcast is also into fishing and usually has challenges on offer. Unlike Turk, Outcast sells you fish instead of a fishing rod. She usually has uncommon Floppers in her inventory which can be purchased in exchange for 123 Gold Bars.


Location: Underground part of Lazy Lake

Rapscallion is a moderately tough NPC to find. Sometimes she can spawn above ground while other times she can be found in the underground part of Lazy Lake. She offers only bounties and challenges that will help you earn Gold Bars and redeem  them with other NPCs that have items on offer.


Location: Sweaty Sands

Sleuth can be found right in the main building for Sweaty Sands. He has challenges and bounties on offer alongside a treasure map. The treasure map will cost you 50 Gold Bars and reveal additional interactive NPCs near your location.


Location: Fort Crumpet

Grimbles is one of the few NPCs that will allow you to upgrade your equipped weapon. He also offers challenges and bounties alongside a treasure map that will help reveal the locations for all the treasure chests near you. The map will cost you 10 gold bars while the cost of upgrading your weapon depends on the currently equipped weapon.


Location: The Orchard

Sunflower likes to farm and can be easily found in the Orchard. She has a few harvest related challenges that can be completed to earn additional Gold Bars. Sunflower will also have Cabbages in her inventory which can be bought in exchange for 10 Gold Bars.

Farmer Steel

Location: The Steel Farm

Farmer Steel too is located near the Orchard but has more items on offer when compared to Sunflower. In addition to challenges, you can take up bounties from Farmer Steel as well as buy some corn. Just like Sunflower, corn from Farmer Steel will cost you 10 Gold Bars.


Location: Pleasant Park

Doggo is a recruitable NPC that also offers challenges and bounties. Doggo can be recruited in exchange for 100 Gold Bars.


Location: Catty Corner (Near the Vault)

This furry feline might look cute but has some serious firepower lurking underneath its skin. You can take up challenges or accept bounties from Kit. In addition to this, you can also upgrade your weapons from him as well as fight him in a duel. If you win, you can take Kit’s Epic Heavy AR for the rest of the game.

Beef Boss

Location: The Durr Burger

Beef Boss is usually outside the Durr Burger and you should be able to spot his speech bubble as soon as you enter the area. You can take up challenges and bounties from the Beef Boss. Additionally, he also has the ability to upgrade one of the equipped weapons for you.

Tomato Head

Location: The Pizza Pit

Tomato Head is a simple NPC that focuses on upgrading weapons. He usually only has a single challenge and bounty on offer. Like other NPCs that upgrade weapons, you can upgrade an equipped weapon to its upper-tier in exchange for Gold Bars from Tomato Head. The cost of the upgrade will depend on the equipped weapon as well as its current class.

Bunker Jonesy

Location: Camp Cod

Bunker Jonesy is one of the few NPCs that give you the option to continue the conversation once you interact with him. Additionally, you can also take up challenges from him.

One of the most notorious NPCs on this list is the Bigfoot which is quite elusive and hard to find.  Thanks to Jonesy, you can reveal his location on the map in exchange for 100 Gold Bars.

The conversation with Jonesy is quite elusive as well. He will talk about the space-time continuum and say that everything is looping. Answering correctly can help reveal the secrets but a wrong answer will prompt Jonesy to shoo you away.


Location: Between Weeping Woods and Holly Hedges

As mentioned earlier, Bigfoot is quite elusive, hence the big red dot on the map above marks his general spawn area. Bigfoot only has one item on offer and that is the Rare Zero Point Fish which can be acquired in exchange for 196 Gold Bars.


Location: Hydro 16

Ruckus is the second boss NPC in Season 5 and he will start attacking you on sight. Ruckus has quite a few powerful weapons under his belt, namely the Legendary Heavy AR and the Epic Rocket Launcher. However once you defeat him, these weapons will be yours to collect.


Location: Coral Castle

The last NPC on this list is Fish Stick who is promptly located near the Coral Castle in Craggy Cliffs. He only has challenges on offer and does not get involved in bounties. However, he can also upgrade an equipped weapon by one tier, the cost of which depends on the current weapon and its tier.

And that’s it! These were all the interactive NPCs introduced in Season 5 of Fortnite. Once you interact with each one of them, your ‘Collections’ tab should be complete. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.

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