What Is Pancake Fortnite Skin? How to Get It?

It has only been two days since the Season 5 update for Fortnite was released, but it already feels like ages. This season’s battle pass includes new weapons and cosmetic upgrades to your character build that we’re sure you’ll be quite eager to unlock.

Along with the Mandalorian skin and its iconic Beskar iron armor, you have a host of new hunter characters to drool over this December. There’s the muscle-packed Menace, the mysterious Kondor, and a guy with, you guessed it, a stack of pancakes for a head!

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What is the new Pancake Skin in Fortnite?

Well, for starters, we know that the guy’s got some pancakes on his mind, but the character’s real name in-game is the ‘Mancake’. Described as having been “Forged on a griddle of rage”, Mancake is all decked-out in bars of butter around his torso, a money bag with more pancakes visually bursting out of it, and to top it off, a thick drizzle of syrupy goodness all over him.

However, if we’re being completely honest here, the Mancake’s got one of the most sinister-looks in all of Fortnite.

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How to unlock the Mancake Skin in Season 5?

To make your way up to the Mancake skin in Fortnite, you would need to have this season’s battle pass. From the image above, you’d know that the Mancake skin is unlocked only after reaching tier 29 on the battle pass.

It’s a level-up reward, and like the rest, you’ll need to grind it out in some challenges, hunting bounties, and completing quests before you are rewarded with the “Breakfast bandit set”.

What Alternate skins does Mancake have and how to unlock them?

MANCAKE Skin Showcase in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Once you have received the breakfast bandit set, you’ll gain access to the base skin of Mancake and the rest of his loadout. However, there are three more awesome alternative skins for the Mancake, which you should definitely try and unlock as you level up your battle pass.

Skin #1 – Cake with no name

This is a decent upgrade to the Mancake with the skin making him look like more of a gunslinger than before. The black suit with orange undertones along with a thick mustache makes for a really mean look. And that’s saying something. You unlock the “Cake with no name” skin option for Mancake at level 36, as your level-up reward.

Skin #2 – Lonesome hero

This is another epic style option for Mancake that switches up his outfit. It’s a lighter shade of green that should go well with any other item you might pair him with. You can unlock this skin as a reward for completing epic quests in your season 5 battle pass.

Skin #3 – Dark Deeds Mancake

This outfit style for Mancake is unlocked before you unlock the “Cake with no name” skin. It looks pretty much the same, except for the fact that he has no hat or mustache in this skin.

These are pretty much all the alternative skins you can unlock for Mancake in Fortnite’s season 5. Once you unlock the Mancake and his other shades, we recommend trying your hand at getting the secret ones, too — like sapphire or topaz!

Let us know how you liked this skin in Fortnite’s new update and how you feel playing with it in-game, in the comments below.