How Do You Talk to a Character in Fortnite Season 5?

Chapter 2 – Season 5 of Fortnite has finally arrived and there are some interesting new challenges that players can look forward to. One of these, which players haven’t reckoned with in previous seasons, is a challenge that requires them to speak to an NPC character.

The challenge itself is not complicated, however, we suspect the devs want players to familiarize themselves which an activity that will soon become the norm in this badass game. So here’s everything you need to know about this particular challenge.

What is the challenge?

You must have noticed the New Quests! notification button that pops up on the lobby screen. These quests are basically challenges that unlock as and when you progress in the game and fulfill certain criteria of the game. The challenge that requires you to speak to a character unlocks after you find five named locations in the Season 5 map.

As part of this challenge, you must locate an NPC character in the game, start a conversation with them, and accept challenges from them.

How to find a character?

Talk To A Character Fortnite Week 1 Epic Challenges

Approximately 40 characters have been scattered across the game but you need only speak to one character to complete the challenge. There is no specific method to find a character as much as going to different locations in the game till you come across them.

A few locations where NPCs have been sighted are Colossal Coliseum, Hunters Haven, Beachside Manor, Farmhouse on the east side of the arena, and a small campground south of Sweaty Sands. You explore these areas for a sure-shot NPC find.

How to talk to a character?

Characters that are open to conversations will have a small speech bubble right next to their heads. You can go up to them, press X or the square button on your controller, and start a conversation. Conversations include giving out bounties, tasks, and the characters will also be willing to accompany you through the game.

Doing activities for NPC characters is one of the most effective ways to earn bars and upgrade your weapons so make sure you take advantage of this newly-introduced feature. Do let us know in the comments when you come across more NPC characters yourself!


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