How to Find and Get Baby Yoda and Mandalorian in Fortnite Season 5


Fortnite Season 5 is here with some spell-binding new updates and store purchases. But what players are most eager to get their hands on is the new Mandalorian Skin and the adorable Baby Yoda back bling.

After Season 4’s unprecedented success due in no small part to the Marvel-themed weapons and skins, Fortnite is yet again partnering with a Disney-owned franchise in a bid to cater to the exceptional surge in popularity for the latest Star Wars series.

In this guide, we go through Fortnite’s theme for Season 5, the new Battle Pass as well as the steps that players need to take to get their hands on their favorite bounty hunter’s skin and adorable sidekick’s back bling.

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New Season, New Theme – This is the Way!

After an epic finale to Season 4 that saw Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor destroy the Galactus, Fortnite’s Marvel arc is finally over and has now made a return to its own storyline.

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With Galactus’ plans of stealing the Zero Point energy source thwarted, Season 5, dubbed simply ‘Zero Point’, picks up from where Season 4 ended. But the destruction has left a major part of the map.

Agent Jones, who appeared at the end of the Nexus War event,  is now tasked with preserving the energy source that creates Fortnite’s reality while simultaneously hunting down anyone who attempts to escape the Loop.

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To accomplish this task, Agent Jones is recruiting a motley crew of hunters from different realities, including the Mandalorian (Din Djarin) and Baby Yoda.

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Zero Point Battle Pass

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The new season also ushers in a new Battle Pass that comes with a variety of skins, weapons, items, map changes, quests, and challenges for players to explore and grind through. The basic Battle Pass will cost you 950 V-bucks.

Some of the skins are based on in-game designs, while others are more aesthetically oriented such as the ones we will show you how to get in a short while.

As players recruit new characters and complete quests, they will also receive bounties, something that is new to Fortnite. These can be spent on weapons and upgrades as a part of the new ‘Bars’ mechanic.

With plenty of in-game changes and additions to Fortnite, Zero Point promises to be one of the best seasons so far. Moreover, there are a lot of crossover characters yet to make an appearance from different realities. Until we find that out, let’s take a look at how you can get the Mandalorian skin and the Baby Yoda back bling.

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Getting the Mandalorian Skin

Screengrab via: KingAlexHD

Before you get your Mandalorian skin, you’ll have to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass (or the Fortnite Crew Membership that includes the Battle Pass).

That is all that you need to do to get this skin. Unlike the previous seasons where you had to complete a series of challenges to unlock special skins such as those of Wolverine and Deadpool, the Mandalorian skin is automatically unlocked at Level 1.

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But if you want to upgrade your Mandalorian armor, you’ll have to complete the Beskar challenges, which is only fair given that you don’t have to sweat to get the skin in the first place. If you want to further make aesthetic changes to the Mandalorian skin, you have to reach level 100.

Screengrab via: KingAlexHD

Getting Baby Yoda (The Child) Back Bling

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To unlock the Baby Yoda back bling, you’ll have to reach Level 100 in the new Battle Pass. Of course, you’ll have to purchase it first. Level up by going through challenges and quests and being on top of your game. As soon as you hit Level 100, Baby Yoda back bling will be unlocked automatically. Thereafter, you can equip it with any skin that you currently have, but we all know it won’t look as awesome as it does with the Mandalorian skin.

That is all that you need to know about getting spruced up with the latest skin and your cute sidekick. As of December 2, the Mandalorian skin is live and you shouldn’t have any trouble in accessing it once you purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass.


Screengrab via: KingAlexHD | Mego

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