Fortnite Season 5 Guide: How to Discover Named Locations

Fortnite Season 5 has gone live, and players all around the world have really started getting in on the action. There are many new things and places on the map for you to explore, as Chapter 2’s Zero Point update places you on an island, with events and challenges that will ‘Shape its future’.

If you’ve already getting on with the grind, or just playing some solo battle royale, you can start with the season’s new challenges too! Here’s how you can go about completing one of the earliest you’ll face – discovering named locations.

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What are Named Locations in Fortnite

Named locations essentially refer to the spots on the map which actually have a name and do not show up as a random bunch of Question marks when seeing them.

With the Galactus Event in Fortnite Season 5 done, many were hoping that they will get to see some OG locations from the old map of Chapter 1 in Chapter 2’s new update.

And now that we’ve seen Retail Row on the Island, we know for sure that this theory wasn’t completely unfounded.

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How to Discover Named Locations in Season 5

Stage 1 of 4 - Discover Named Locations || Fortnite season 5 quests

One of the earliest challenges you’ll come across playing Season 5 will be ‘Discover 5 Named Locations’ in-game. Here’s how we suggest you go about completing this challenge.

Where to Land?

Although you can land probably anywhere on the map from when the round starts, we suggest you head over and land in Misty Meadows.

This will allow you easier access to other nearby locations important for completing this challenge.

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Discover Named Locations Easily

Once you’ve landed in Misty Meadows and explored it, that will complete 1 of the 5 locations that you are required to discover.

You should receive a notification at the top of your screen saying ‘New Location Discovered’ along with the name of that location.

We suggest you find a car here and use it for the next step.

After discovering Misty Meadows, mark other named locations on the map around you, such as Lazy Lake, Catty Corner, or Retail Row.

Your goal will be to travel to at least 4 other named locations, stop and explore that area until you’ve officially ‘discovered’ them.

That will complete the challenge of discovering 5 named locations for you, in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5. And that’s about it! Finish that round by sticking around to the end and then head on to your next challenge.

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Screengrab via: IG | Michael