Fortnite Season 5 Secret Skins List: Find Them All Here!

Now that we finally have Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 5 up and running, we’re sure you’re diving right into it and working your way through this new Battle Pass. There are all sorts of challenges for you to complete and new places on the island to explore!

Obviously, everyone’s gushing over the new Mandalorian and Baby Yoda skins as they’re the headliners of the new map and a must-have for fans of their series. You’ll get to equip the Mandalorian and his partner’s character costume once you’ve of course, reached tier 100.

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What are the New Secret Skins in Season 5 of Fortnite?


Apart from the heavily-teased Mandalorian and Baby Yoda skins, there are also other hunter characters that you unlock as you progress the battle pass. Ever since it got released, nearly everyone’s seen and shared the Epic Games’ season 5 trailer for Fortnite. Veteran fans probably know their names by heart – Kondor, Menace, Reese, Mave and Lexa.

There are lots to unlock as you make your way up the battle pass levels, such as new backpacks, pickaxes, shields, and Mandalorian’s sweet-looking disintegration sniper rifle. You will also be able to unlock secret skins for each of these hunter characters which will completely revamp how they’ll look later on, in-game.

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Secret skin #1 – Reese

The sapphire Reese, unlocked by reaching style challenge level 110.

Secret skin #2 – Mancake

Next, you have is the sapphire Mancake, unlocked by reaching style challenge level 120.

Secret skin #3 – Mave

The sapphire Mave, unlocked by reaching style challenge level 130.

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Secret skin #4 – Kondor

For the fourth, you have sapphire Kondor, unlocked by reaching style challenge level 140.

Secret skin #5 – Menace

For the fifth and final secret skin, you have the sapphire Menace skin, unlocked by reaching style challenge level 150.

And there you have it. These are all the secret skins that you can unlock for your hunter characters in-game in Fortnite’s new season. You’ll have to complete a lot of challenges and quests to reach there, so if you want to get your hands on them before the season’s over, we suggest you get right on it!


Screengrab via: Travis Benjamin