Fortnite Bounties Guide: How To Do Bounties for Mandalorian, Razor Crest, and More

Season 5 is now live and players have a holiday’s worth of quests and missions to complete. With the Mandalorian crossover, some new mechanics appear in Fortnite such as bounties, a Gold bar currency system, and a bunch of friendly NPCs on the island.

That means there’s much more to Fortnite now than just running about and shooting anyone you come across. Let’s go through everything that you should know about bounties, Razor Crest location, and how to go about your Zero Point season journey.

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What are Bounties in Fortnite?

What exactly are bounties? This is the biggest gameplay change brought to Fortnite in which players receive additional rewards for eliminating a player. Completing bounties will earn you XP points that will help you level up which will, in turn, allow you to unlock different styles and new pieces of armor.

But more importantly, you’ll receive gold bars that can be used to purchase deadlier weapons and other items. Since this is the only way to get this currency, players would want to take up as many bounties as possible in the game.

Even though such a concept has been a part of other battle royale games, it brings the much-needed variation to Fortnite for players who spend hours uncounted on the game. As the season progresses, there’s a possibility that we will see this mechanic advance further.

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Where are Bounties in Fortnite?

As we mentioned, the new Fortnite map will be populated with some NPCs (that are not hostile). These will usually be located in POIs, mostly within buildings, and are easy to spot by their speech bubbles.

To get a bounty, simply go up to them, interact, and you’ll be proffered some services. Not all of them have bounties, but for the ones that do, you’ll be able to find out how many gold bars you’ll earn by completing them.

There are more than 40 hidden NPCs in the new Fortnite map. The ones that you’ve met can be tracked from the Characters collection screen.

Once you interact with the NPC regarding a bounty, you’ll be asked to confirm whether you want to take up the challenge. Once you do, you’ll be provided with the player’s name you’ll be hunting, their avatar picture, and a total of 6 minutes to find and eliminate them.

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Razor Crest in Fortnite

To unlock the new style (pauldron) for the Mandalorian skin, you’ll have to complete the Razor Crest challenge and locate it. The location is to the south-east of the Colossal Coliseum as it is given below marked by the blue pin.

The exact area will have the downed ship.

The challenge will complete automatically as soon as you get there and you’ll receive the Mandalorian pauldron.

Mandalorian Bounties in Fortnite

There’s no one more suited to bounty hunting than the Mandalorian himself. But the rules apply equally to everyone – talk to an NPC, get a bounty, and finish off the target within the time limit.

If you check out the ‘all quests’ tab in the quest menu, you’ll find that currently, at the start of Season 5, the challenge is to ‘complete 5 bounties’. It’s exactly what it sounds like: do bounty hunting five times over.

It seems that the ‘quest tab’ will change every week. There is a series of challenges that players will have to complete to unlock the Beskar armor that is unique to the Mandalorian skin. These challenges are collectively called the Beskar Quests.

Finding the Razor Crest is one such quest that is live already. Finishing whatever these quests happen to be should complete the Mando challenge.

How to Complete Bounties in Fortnite Season 5?

Complete Bounties & Bounties LOCATIONS - Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 Challenges

Let’s take a more detailed look at how to complete bounties in Fortnite Season 5.Interact with an NPC and you’ll be provided with the name of the player you’re to eliminate in addition to the number of gold bars that you will receive if you do so. Press the thumbs up button to confirm the bounty.

Since this is a timed challenge, you’ll have to keep a close eye on how much time you’re left with. This information, in addition to the player’s name, will be at the top-left corner of the screen.

To assist in hunting down the player, you’ll see a yellow circle on the main map as well as the mini-map within which the target will be. The circle will move as the target moves so make sure you get as close to them as possible.

From here on out, everything else is left to you, the hunting and eliminating part especially as it is your bounty after all. When you defeat the target, you’ll receive your gold bars.

Make sure you don’t take too much time to hunt down your target as they can still be killed off by other players, though you’ll nevertheless be credited with half of the reward.

Tables Turned – Being a Bounty Target

As a player, there’s always the chance that ‘the hunter’ becomes ‘the hunted’ when a bounty is placed on your head. Fortunately, you will get notified when this happens. You’ll have five minutes to evade your pursuer or kill them instead.

You can get an estimate of your hunter’s location with a Threat Monitor on the top-left screen corner. If it’s one bar, you’re safe; two, you need to get a move on; three, you should be panicking right about now.

But if you manage to turn the tables and either kill or avoid the hunter, the bounty on your head will drop. The fun bit is that you can still take a bounty while you’re being hunted. This opens up a vast chain of bounties being pursued all the time and any player can be either the hunter or the hunted or both.