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Fortnite Battle Pass vs. Crew Pack: What to Choose for Season 5?

With Galacticus firmly in the bag, and our Marvel heroes well-departed, Fortnite players are looking ahead to what lay in store for Season 5. It may not come as a surprise to most players that this time around, we’ve got a new, bounty hunter theme that brings in new original characters — and one new tie-up with Disney+ in the form of the Mandalorian, complete with Baby Yoda.  

There’s a lot to unpack, and with so much up for grabs players are wondering about the new Battle Pass, the Crew system, and which option gives you the most bang for your v-buck.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Skins, Leaks, Theme

Chapter 2 Season 5’s Battle Pass will cost you the usual 950 V-bucks and give you access to the premium track, chock full of 100+ rewards and more than enough V bucks to cover the cost of admission (and then some).

Alongside the usual Battle Pass is the new Battle Bundle that, for 2800 V-Bucks, jumpstarts players to rank 25 in the Battle Pass. This will net you a bunch of cosmetics and other rewards on the get-go, and get you a quarter of the way to the rank 100 Mandalorian full-Beskar skin.

The Battle Bund, while it costs 1850 V-Bucks, comes out to about $20 USD and saves you about 40% of the price tag for the Battle Pass and 25 levels — making it a good value in comparison to the base Battle Pass.

Fortnite Crew Pack

The Crew Pack is part of Fortnite’s new Crew subscription service that gives players a steady stream of monthly V-Bucks, a free Battle Pass, and — perhaps most saliently — unique, Crew-exclusive outfits.

The Crew Pack costs $11.99 a month, and gives players the Seasonal Battle Pass for no extra charge and throws in 1000 V-Bucks on top (a $10 value already).

In and of itself, the Fortnite Crew Pack pretty much pays for itself in V-Bucks in much the same way as the Battle Pass does — just even more so. Not only does it return the value in straight V-Bucks, it also saves you the 950 you would have to shell out for the Battle Pass and unlocks access to the V-Bucks you’ll earn through it anyway.

And that’s not including the subjective value of the exclusive Skin and bonus accessory which can be anything from a glider, to a pickaxe or an emote.

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Fortnite Battle Bundle vs Crew Pack

If you can really only choose one, it should be noted that the Crew Pack provides players with a greater return on their investment in terms of V-Bucks value. It more than pays for itself in the same way the Battle Pass does, but a major perk is the exclusive outfits; You can grind your way to a free Battle Pass, and play like a madman all the way to Rank 100 without the 40% discount the Battle Bundle gives you.

But you can’t get the Crew-exclusive skins. Whereas the Crew Pack gives you the Battle Pass anyway — the only upside to the Battle Bundle is the discount on Battle Pass ranks.

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Thus the question is thus: A discount on Battle Pass ranks vs. exclusive cosmetics that pay for themselves. Framed that way, you’ll probably want to opt for the latter. The only situation in which it would be advisable to spend almost double the money for the Battle Bundle is if you find yourself pressed for time and eager for that Rank 100 Mando skin.

Let us know which one you’d go with, and who your favorite bounty hunter is this season!


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