What Is the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Theme?

Fortnite players have been waiting for Epic Games to release Chapter 2, Season 5 of the game. On December 2 the developers released the season’s trailer along with the season itself. This Season has the game continue from the ending of Season 4’s The Devourer of Worlds live event.

Nexus War was the Superhero-themed fourth season of the second chapter or the fourteenth season of the entire game. Season 4 began in August and ended on December 1 after the ending date was extended from November 30. The storyline revolved around Marvel’s Nexus War which involved well-known superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine among many others.

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At the end of the final event, Galactus was transported by a Rift, after players escaped in battle busses.

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However, the game did not end there. The ending led to a cut scene of Agent John Jones, also known as Agent Jonesy, in the office that was seen in Chapter 2 Season 2 of the game. The cut scene ended with a countdown to Season 5.

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Now that Season 5 has finally been unveiled by Epic Games, the theme of the season is known to be Zero Point.

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The Zero Point was introduced as the core of the vault in Chapter 1. It has been a recurring critical element in the game that the players are familiar with. In the latest season, Agent Jonesy has been tasked with preventing more characters from escaping the loop through the Zero Point.

In the opening cinematics of Season 5, players can see Agent Jonesy trying to stabilize the power of the Zero Point. Instead, he is seen getting pulled in by the Zero Point before ending up on Our Island. In the trailer of the season released by Epic Games, Agent Jonesy narrates that he has been gathering the greatest hunter from all realities.

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The first of the many hunters to be introduced to the game is The Mandalorian. Players had awaited the entry of Mando into Fortnite. Along with Mando, players will get to see Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda in his carrier.

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The trailer continues to introduce other hunters who will be exploring the island. Players will be able to collect bounties throughout the game.

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The map has some changes as the Zero Point has been exposed. In the middle of the map is a desert surrounding the location of the Zero Point. Hunter’s Heaven,  Stealthy Stronghold, Colossal Coliseum, and Salty Towers have been introduced as points of interest in the map. 

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Players have been introduced to many new skins, new hunting grounds, new weapons, and a new subscription pack. Players will also get to see original Fortnite characters return in Season 5 as there is no themed Battle Pass. The holographic versions of characters can hire players to kill other players and characters.

Hunting down characters seem to be the main focus of Chapter2, Season 5: Zero Point. Players need to play on to discover the new additions to the game and the significance of the Zero Point.

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Are you enjoying the theme of the new season?


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