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What Is the New Season of Fortnite?

If the news of Fortnite’s latest season 5-Zero Point dropping in a few hours is not exciting enough, a special appearance from Mandalorian and Baby Yoda should do the trick. After a super Marvel-themed season 4, it’s not just refreshing but also very exciting to witness the latest plot and theme spearheaded by Agent Jones that Fortnite has to offer. Here’s what we know about the new season of Fornite so far.

What is the new season of Fortnite?

The new season of Fortnite, dubbed Season 5, has the same Battle Royale premise as its previous versions, except that this time it has moved away from the Marvel theme and is adopting a Star Wars character as well as introducing original characters like Mancake the fighting Flapjack.

The plot of season 5 is also quite interesting with the introduction of Agent Jones as an administrator (we assume) who organizes the virtual reality in which players meet and attempt to obliterate each other. Agent Jones is tasked with stopping hunters from different worlds who will come together to destroy ‘the loop’.

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When does Season 5 go live?

The timing of the release will vary depending on your location. Here are the start times depending on your location:

  • UK – 9 am (GMT)
  • Europe – 10am (CET)
  • East Coast US – 4 am (EST)
  • West Coast US – 1 am (PST)

Basically, once the countdown ends, it will take four hours for season 5 to become available.

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What is new in Season 5 in Fortnite?

New characters, locations, and of course, a new theme make for an exciting free-to-play game that we can all look forward to.

The Map

The new arena now has a gaping crystalline desert in the center which is where the Zero Point hangs. Besides the desert, the game is introducing a gladiator arena called Colossal Coliseum, the Hunter’s Haven hilltop, the barricaded Stealthy Stronghold, and Salty Towers with a new take.

The Characters

Of course, everyone is hyped about Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. But there is a bevy of original new characters to look forward to like Reese, Mancake, Mave, Kondor, Lexa, and Menace the Gladiator. Epic Games has also promised to bring new characters from different worlds later on which means you will see a Deadpool and Travis Scoot-like character introduction that will make fans super happy.

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Quest additions

There are two major additions in the quests that you will play in Season 5.

Help for Hire

Epic Games describes Help for Hire as the hunter’s duty to help Island Characters by taking on quests and bounties. You must also get intel and hire the characters as allies. If you don’t want to cooperate, you can also choose to duel the characters and reap the rewards.

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Gold Bars

You must earn Bars, the new currency in the game by completing quests and bounties, eliminating players, and doing other activities. These Bars can be spent on exotic weapons, services, and more.


From the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun to Mando’s Amban Sniper Rifle, Epic games is promising weapons that will be introduced throughout the season.

Fortnite Crew

This monthly subscription service will give players access to special items and complete access to this season’s Battle Pass. This subscription will cost you $11.99. This service will also give you 1000 V-Bucks to purchase whatever you like which includes an exclusive outfit along with a complimentary accessory.

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This weird, albeit lovely game is definitely worth looking forward to! Take care and stay safe.


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