Everying New in Fortnite Season 5: Bosses, Mythic Weapons, Keycard Vault Locations, and More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 “Zero Point” has come in with quite a bang. From another gigantic map makeover to a boatload of new NPCs, new weapons, and a few hidden vaults to loot, there’s a lot to be excited about this season. Down below we’ll give you a run-through of the new Season 5 bosses, the season 5 mythic weapons, and an overview of the new Keycard Vaults.

Fortnite Season 5 Bosses

NEW Mandalorian Boss Mythic Item Challenge in Fortnite

The Mandalorian

The star of the show, literally and figuratively, the Mandalorian lives up to his reputation with a no-nonsense, 0-60 aggro personality and can be found stomping around his distinctive ship in Razor Crest. Unlike Mancake, Menace, or Lexia, the Mandalorian favors a shoot first, ask questions later policy of negotiation and will attack sight. Players who manage to best the best bounty hunter from the galaxy far, far away will be rewarded with the super-powerful Amban Sniper Rifle and the Mandalorian Jetpack.


Mancake is the sexiest-sounding humanoid breakfast dessert to ever slap on a pair of silver spurs and don a double-bandolier/six-shooter combo. You can find this wild west-flavored human-pancake hybrid in his distinctive Butter Barn saloon in the arid center of the map. He offers a few quests, and Exotic Night Hawk Pistol for 1225 gold,  as well as his services as a sassy, gun-for-hire sidekick for 100 gold.


Menace is a gladiator themed boss and local champion of the new colosseum that dispenses a few quests for gold and drops the Heavy Assault Rifle if you beat him in a duel. Menace offers three quests for you to complete for gold; 30 for maxing out Health and Shields, 35 for scoring a Pickaxe elimination, and 70 for a standard player-kill. Note that you need to speak to Menace and accept the quest beforehand for any kills or eliminations to count.


Lexa is a scantily-clad anime-assassin that rewards players 70 gold for a kill, reveals nearby treasure chests for 10 gold, and even keeps her exotic Scout Storm Sniper rifle for 1225 gold.

You can find her south of Mancake in the new Hunter Haven’s location. Be careful when approaching her compound atop the hill, however, for players will often encounter a squad of hard-hitting, super-aggro minions called IO Guards that can easily kill you if you’re not expecting a fight.


In the southwest corner of the map, you’ll find a giant, floating Viking longboat parked atop a store. There you’ll meet Ragnarok, an interdimensional Viking who, like Lexa, is ready to reveal the location of local treasure chests for 10 gold as well as, like Menace, engage in a duel with his epic SMG (and some wood?) up for grabs.


Yes, that Kyle, from the original Save the World game mode, is now parked out in a trailer in the Weeping Woods. Kyle doesn’t offer any fancy weapons, but will sell players 100 wood for 100 gold (Which is, frankly, a ripoff, Kyle), reveal nearby treasure chests, and dispense two quests: 30 gold for Wood Harvesting and 30 for Building Mat Gathering.


Over at the Orchard, you’ll find Sunflower walking around, ready to dole out a few quests. Sunflower’s quests are by far the simplest of any of the bosses and an easy way to make a quick handful of gold. Players need only pick up a few apples off the ground and jump into a haystack for 30 gold each.


Right nearby at the appropriately named Pizza Pit restaurant is the appropriately named Tomatohead. The human-fruit hybrid gives out the 70 gold bounty for player elimination, offers weapon upgrades for 50 gold, and will reward you 35 gold for a simple Restore Health quest.

Farmer Steel

Right nearby Tomatohead and Sunflower is Farmer Steel, a robotic farmer with a seeming dislike for Sunflower and her considerably more picture Orchard. Aside from the 70 gold Bounty quest, Farmer Steel will also pay you 35 gold to deal damage to structures at the Orchard and 30 for picking his corn. Oh and if you need some corn, he’s your man-robot-thing.


Scar fans rejoice! Head to Steamy Stacks and look for Bullseye, an aviator cap-wearing soldier hunkering down for the seeming apocalypse. Aside from the 70 gold bounty, she also offers 30 gold to search nearby ammo boxes and, most importantly, will sell you a legendary Scar for 245 gold! She also serves up Medium ammo, making Steamy Stacks a great drop spot.


Over at the Dirty Docks, you can find Reese hanging out in a warehouse just waiting to sell you a weapon; for 1225 gold, he’ll give you the Shadow Tracker exotic pistol. Aside from the exotic, he also sells medium ammo and will pay you 70 gold for player bounties.


Yes, he’s back! And with a bang, too. You can find Brutas nearby Reese in his own warehouse on the water’s edge. He’ll sell you his epic P90, pay you a 70 gold bounty for a player elimination, and upgrade your weapon for 50 bucks. On top of that, you always have the option to challenge him to a duel for his Epic SMG.

Fortnite Season 5 Mythic Weapons


Right now we only have the Amban Sniper Rifle and the Mandalorian Jetpack for Season 5  Mythic Weapons, but rest assured more are on their way.

Amban Sniper Rifle

The Mandalorian’s pride and joy, fans of the show will be well-familiar with the downscope POV with the thermal zoom that has been the death of many an unsuspecting bounty. The Amban Sniper Rifle hits like a truck with 110 damage and a 0.5 fire rate, and comes with a dashing melee attack that delivers a massive knockback that can even be spammed to increased movement speed.

Mandalorian Jetpack

More of a cosmetic than it is a proper mythical item, the Mandalorian Jetpack operates in all respects like the Stark Industries Jetpack that just left us with the conclusion of last season, but certainly ties in beautifully with the new Mandalorian skin.

Functionally, one of the best parts of the Jetpack is the ability to downscope opponents with your brand new Amban Sniper Rifle from the air, opening up a door to all sorts of tactical nightmares for your enemies.

Fortnite Season 5 Keycard Vault Locations

There are 5 hidden vaults full of high-quality treasure chests spread across the map. The only way into these secretive rooms is through the front door, using a keycard dropped only by specific boss minions. To learn the who, what, where of getting into those vaults and clearing them out, be sure to read our in-depth Fortnite Keycard Vault Locations Guide. 

Thanks for checking out this guide. For more Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 tips, tricks, guides, and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our Fortnite guide. 


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