How To Get the Mandalorian Gun and Jetpack in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Season 4 had us raving about the iconic superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This year, it’s time for Star Wars fanatics to have their field day. In Season 5, you have the Mandalorian (with baby Yoda, no less) and other characters to kill and purge with.

You may have already gotten Mandalorian by now. So, here, we’re focusing on making him whole. Here’s how to get his gun and jetpack.

What is the Mandalorian Gun in Fortnite?

If you’ve seen ‘ The Mandalorian’ series, you’d know that the gun used by him is a phase-pulse blaster weapon. It’s shown and used as a sniper rifle, most popularly, and hence the name ‘Amban’. In Fortnite, the Amban sniper rifle is of mythic rarity.

These are some of the weapon stats and characteristics that we found quite interesting about Mandalorian’s gun:

For starters, Amban allows you to seek your targets using a thermal scope; just like the “Thermal scoped assault rifle.” You can also melee your opponents with this as it deals 45 damage when striking someone.

Most importantly, one shot of the Amban sniper rifle does around 110 damage to the body and 275 to the head. With the Mandalorian’s gun being so powerful right from the start, you can see why most players are clamoring to get the rifle for themselves.

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Is there a Jetpack in Fortnite Season 5?

Yes, on top of the Amban sniper rifle you get to use in Fortnite’s Season 5, you can also obtain a jetpack for yourself. The Mandalorian’s jetpack in Fortnite is quite similar to the Z-6 model — a jetpack favored by commandos seen in the Star Wars universe.

In the game, you can double-jump to glide in the air for a bit. This can give you a tactical advantage while in combat. Plus, if you zoom in with your sniper rifle after you’ve double-jumped with your jetpack, you can hover in the air for a little while.

This way, the jetpack can be useful to you both in close-range combat as well as picking off enemies from far away.

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How to get the Mandalorian Gun and Jetpack in Fortnite?


The best thing you should know about the Amban sniper rifle and Mandalorian’s jetpack is that you can find them together at one spot! For that, you’ll need to find the Mandalorian on the island and defeat him. Here’s how we recommend going about this.

To begin with, get into a new game through normal matchmaking. Maybe even with your friend, as a duo.

While you’re in the air inside the battle bus, utilize this time to mark where you’ll have to go to confront the Mandalorian.

Mark the location of his crashed ship (from the map above) and then make your way to the gas station that’s located less than half a mile outside of the location.

To fight the Mandalorian, you’ll need some proper loot. So, once you’re at the gas station, kill anyone who’s over here and then get yourself some weapons and a lot of ammo.

Next, head over to the Mandalorian’s crashed ship and fight with him. Unload your guns on him and try to get in some headshots.

The Mandalorian is a bit tanky, so we advise being a bit cautious while dealing with him. Perhaps take some cover or flank him if needed.

Once you’ve defeated the Mandalorian and knocked him down, he shall drop the Amban sniper rifle and his jetpack. Pick them up and test them out to experience both the rifle and the jetpack in their full glory.

With a bit of practice, you can learn to combo them perfectly and start landing some sweet headshots and knocks on your enemies!