Where To Find Nightshade in AC Valhalla: Locations and Tips To Know

Keeping in sync with the whole RPG-ness of how Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has become, having to find important items in your environment is essentially a given. They can be a bit tricky at times, but on the plus side you get to explore more of the beautiful country of England the Artists over at Ubisoft have designed.

So, if you’ve been playing the DLC quests in Valhalla and you’ve now skipped over to our page here, then we’re sure that you’re gonna need our help in finding some Nightshade and fast! Here’s all you need to know about finding this herb in Valhalla.

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When do you need to find Nightshade in Valhalla?

DLCs are expansion contents that reward players with bonus quests and game features. So in one of the DLC quests in AC Valhalla, you will be required to find and harvest some Nightshade in order to progress further into it.

Screengrab via: Gamers Heroes

The name of this quest is ‘The Ritual of the Berserker’. In it, Bjorn asks you to find some Nightshade and bring it to him, in a prelude to the next mission. Pro tip: the suggested power level for this quest is level 20, and this quest will require you to eventually fight, so make sure that your level matches the required one.

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Where can you find Nightshade for Berserker Quest?

Once the quest begins, the only hint you get from the game is that Nightshade is ‘often found in Graveyards, near churches’. That’s not much to go on, but we’ll cut that short and show you exactly where you have to travel to, to find yourself a church.

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Travel to this spot on the map to find a church near to you quickly. Although you can find Nightshade at other churches too, we recommend this one since it’s one where you can fast travel to from your map.

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Once you’re here, let loose your raven in the sky and let it scout the spot out for you.

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Zoom in for a closer look, and you’ll see a bright green shrub growing in the middle of the graveyard ahead.

Screengrab via: Gamers Heroes

That’s the Nightshade you’re looking for. Run-up to it, grab it, and then you can head back to Bjorn for the remainder of your quest. This will begin the next mission in this quest titled ‘Vengeance of the Berserker’.

How to Leave with Bjorn in Berserker Quest?

So this is really just an additional bit of information, that can be useful for you if you’re struggling a bit with how to end this quest. In the ‘Vengeance of the Berserker’ quest, you’ll have to raid and kill a lord as directed by Bjorn and avenge his murdered wife.

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You might just happen to find that Bjorn won’t leave the camp after having done everything over there. Well, that’s because you must have missed some enemy in this area. In order to make Bjorn leave with you, we suggest you search the area for any remaining enemies and kill them.

You can even restart from a previous checkpoint and complete the fight once more. Hope this guide helps you to find the Nightshade you require to get on with your DLC quests and completely unlock this province in England, Valhalla.

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Screengrab via: Gamers Heroes