AC Valhalla Rygjafylke Hoard Map, Wealth and Artifacts Locations and Guide

Similar to its predecessors, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is full of mystery, wealth, and combat. The open-world epic encourages you to wander, look for valuables, and loot as you see fit. Now, before getting too excited and starting to take on the world, it’s important to know where to get the necessary wealth capsules.

Fortunately for us, Ubisoft has made Rygjafylke a gold-mine for resources. There are 22 Wealth Locations in the Norwegian area — 14 Carbon Ingots, 5 Gear Pieces, and 3 Book of Knowledge abilities — and all of them are pretty much easily accessible. Apart from the 22, you can also find small treasure chests here and there.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at the Hoard Map, Wealth Locations, and Arficats of Rygjafylke; help you get rich sooner than you’d dreamt.

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Rygjafylke Hoard Map guide

First up, we’re taking a look at the Rygjafylke Hoard Map guide. The map in itself isn’t difficult to spot, but the treasure most definitely is.

The Horde Map is in Kjotve’s Fortress, but you won’t have to kill anyone to get your mitts on it. After you acquire it and open it up in your inventory, you’ll see the following riddle:

“Hunters of the silver-glory! East of Alrekstad, the hoard will look upon you from Torghatten Rock’s eye. Engage its gaze and reap this reward.”

The treasure is buried through a narrow channel in Hordafylke. There, you’ll find a bunch of skeletons to loot, an Opal, and the Snakebite Scheme (Sail).

Rygjafylke Wealth Map Guide

As mentioned, Rygjafylke has 14 Carbon Ingots, 5 Gear Pieces, and 3 Book of Knowledge abilities. Below are the locations of the aforementioned wealth.

Carbon Ingot

Carbon Ingot #1: Fornburg

The first Carbon Ingot (as per the walkthrough) is West of Fornburg. It’s basically a lone cabin in the middle of nowhere. You’ll have to “walk through fire” to get the Carbon Ingot inside the loot chest.

Carbon Ingot #2: Eikundarsund Outpost

Beat the guards and loot their bodies for Carbon Ingot.

Carbon Ingot #3: Stravanger

Since it’s a restricted area, try not to draw attention. Climb to the top of the house in the middle, break the barrier, drop down, and collect the loot.

Carbon Ingot #4: Stravanger

Close to the previous loot, this location requires you to look for a secret entrance. Go through, solve a little obstacle puzzle, and you’d get the reward in no time.

Carbon Ingot #5: Avaldsnes

You’ll find a fortified castle on the south side of Avaldsnes. Head to the back and climb through the window to get the loot.

Carbon Ingot #6: Hoettstrand

Climb up the mazey mountain to get your loot.

Carbon Ingot #7: Heillboer

On the north side, keep your eyes peeled for a sneaky secret entrance. Loot your way through to the Carbon Ingot.

Carbon Ingot #8: Haervik Shipyard

Fight your way through to War Band Chief. Loot him to get the Ingot.

Carbon Ingot #9: Deserted Chalet

The unguarded island-house in the middle of Rygjafylke keeps its chests locked. Go to the north end of the island and kill a few wolves to get the Ornir’s Key to open the chest.

Carbon Ingot #10: Fannaraki Summit

Follow the west coast of the Fannaraki until you spot a shipwreck. Dive in to get your loot.

Carbon Ingot #11: Hyvlatonna

Kill the Skull-Crusher inside the stone circle and loot him to get your Carbon Ingot.

Carbon Ingot #12: Hyvlatonna

Look for a narrow pass leading into the cliff along the west wall. Smash through wooden walls to get the loot.

Carbon Ingot #13: Kjotve’s Fortress

Locate the A-frame with a destructible wall on the upper side. Shoot an arrow and climb through to get the loot.

Carbon Ingot #14: Kjotve’s Fortress

Climb to the top of the outpost, assassinate, and then drop down to the bottom to get the Ingot.


Gear #1: Yngling Seax Dagger

Enter the largest building in Eikundarsund and fight Woe-Bringer to get your hands on the dagger.

Gear #2: War Hammer

You’ll find the War Hammer at Marauder’s Den, which is located in the heart of Stavanger’s island.

Gear #3: Bone Biter

Enter the only house in Ikke en Oy and open the treasure box to get the two-handed weapon.

Gear #4: Recurve Bow

Look for a hole in the ground on the northwest of Haervik Shipyard. Simply climb down and get the gear.

Gear #5: Iron Star

Go to the A-shaped house inside Kjotve’s Fortress. Loot the chest to get the Iron Star Gear.


Ability #1: Thorn of Slumber

Go to the restricted area called Gryttirsand and climb to the tower placed in the middle of the outpost. Go through the trapdoor, to the bottom, and collect the Book of Knowledge —Thorn of Slumber ability.

Ability #2: Throwing Axe Fury

Locate Nottfall on the east of Marauder’s Den. Look for a tunnel, go through, climb over the wall at the end, and collect the ability.

Ability #3: Rage of Helheim

Climb up the waterfall and enter the cave hidden behind. Collect the Book of Knowledge to gain the Rage of Helheim ability.

Rygjafylke Artifacts Guide

The Rygjafylke region also has a few artifacts to explore — three, to be precise. If you are familiar with artifact exploration in Assassin’s Creed, you should feel right at home.

Artifact #1: Tattoo Design (Random)

The first item on the list is a tattoo design. All you have to do is chase a flying piece of paper around Stavanger and collect it in the end. It’ll show up as a tattoo design but you’ll need to go into your inventory to see what you’ve actually unlocked. In this walkthrough, the user unlocked Skraelingi Emblem Scheme (Front) tattoo design.

Artifact #2: Tattoo Design (Random)

Similar to the previous item, here, too, you’ll be required to chase a piece of paper in Stavanger. Move your way past the obstacles and dance on rooftops to eventually get hold of the piece of paper. Finally, go to your inventory to see what you won. On this occasion, the player won the Valhalla Blessing Scheme (Head) tattoo design.

Artifact #3: Hoard Map

If you’ve already gone through the Hoard Map guide, this artifact should already be in your bag. The Hoard Map, which hands you a little riddle to solve to get some jewels, is found at Kjtove’s Fortress. First, locate the house just before the first gate of the fortress. Then, climb in through the window and take the map on the table.


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