How to Get Hidden Ones Outfit in AC Valhalla

The Hidden Ones chapter of the storyline in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the more prominent ones, as it ties in other games in the series. Founded in the previous title Assassin’s Creed Origins, it acted as the precursor to the main Brotherhood of Assassins.

Without giving much away, the Hidden Ones storyline will play an important part in your playthrough of AC Valhalla-rewarding you with new skills that you unlock and tiny bits of lore. Most importantly, you’ll be able to get the Hidden Ones outfit for you to use and equip in-game.

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How to get Hidden Ones Outfit in AC Valhalla

First, you need to make the Hidden Ones Bureau. You can do this back at your settlement. Complete the Quest and you’ll be given a new task: Collect 6 codex pages in Valhalla’s world. These pages will each be available in different Bureaus, where you can also find and equip a Hidden Ones armor at each of them, five in total.

The first piece of armor is actually quite easy to find. It’s located in the region of Ledecestrescire.

Once you enter the Ratae Bureau, you can grab your first codex page and also the pair of Hidden Ones ‘Glove’ from the chest there.

For the second piece of armor, you’ll need to travel to Lunden. You’ll need to climb up the ruins of the fortress and enter.

Following the steps shown here, you’ll gain access to the Londinium Bureau. Grab the second codex page inside the Bureau and also the Hidden Ones ‘Mask’ armor. Our suggestion: Don’t be worried about the power levels, as you’ll not have to face any enemies to enter the Bureaus.

Moving on to the third piece of armor, the next place you’ll need to head towards is Essexe. Climb up the ruins you see, when you reach the spot near Ealdorman’s House.

As you can see in the steps here, diving down the water will let you enter the Essexe Bureau. Here, you’ll receive the third codex page along with the Hidden Ones ‘Hood’ armor.

For the next i.e. the fourth piece of armor, you’ll need to get on your boat and head to Jorvik through the river route leading up to Northumbria. Here you have to enter the Eboracum Bureau.

Once inside the Eboracum Bureau here, follow these steps to find the 4th codex page and the Hidden Ones ‘Chest’ armor.

The last and fifth pice of armor is waiting for you at Glowecestrescire, to the west of Mercia and Wessex.

Again, don’t be afraid of the power level but do be cautious of the bears in this area. Follow these steps shown here to enter the Bureau to find the 5th page of Codex and the last piece of Hidden Ones armor, the Boots after which you’ll have the complete set of Hidden Ones Armor.

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Is it an Outfit or armor, though?

An outfit in the Assassin’s Creed Universe is essentially a skin that changes your character’s appearance, at least cosmetically. These, as you just saw, are pieces of Armor that you can equip as part of your character’s apparel and requirement. As such the Hidden Ones armor set is just that, a set of armor for you to equip and use.

It’s not really an outfit per se but it does make your character really stand out in all of its royal green and gold looks. Coupled with the Hidden Ones Robes, you’ll soon be taking pictures of yourself at the cool spots to explore in AC Valhalla!

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