AC Valhalla Legacy Outfits: Everything You Need to Know

So Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available now and it’s already created a lot of waves in the gaming community. The gameplay, the environments, the character design, and movement, it’s all making gamers around the world drool. Better yet, you’ve got a copy on your hands and might’ve just started playing the game too without waiting for most of the reviews. We understand.

But what do you know about Legacy Outfits in AC Valhalla? You didn’t see much of them in AC Odyssey, right? Well, don’t say no one told you, because, in AC Valhalla, you will see them in plenty.

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What are Legacy Outfits?


Legacy outfits are what makes AC games replayable. Aside from the gameplay and how invested you were in the story, I think we can safely say, that unlocking and using Legacy outfits is what’ll get you to pick up that AC title you recently finished, and give it another playthrough. Being able to play as one of the grand assassins – like Altair or Ezio while you’re playing AC Origins or Odyssey, is a euphoric moment for many of us gamers.

These legacy outfits are usually unlocked in-game, while you are completing side-missions or some of the various challenges available in the different games. To obtain some legacy outfits, you’ll also need to be able to find certain hidden locations or be able to interact with the game’s story-line as required.

These outfits could give you certain bonuses, depending on the title you’re playing, or they can be simply cosmetic upgrades for you to play through the game with.

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Are Legacy Outfits Available in AC Valhalla?

For their latest game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft Montreal has only recently confirmed that they will be including the option to view and equip Legacy Outfits. This was confirmed by YouTuber JorClawstrider, who got the chance to talk with one of Ubisoft’s lead system designer in the interview (the video above).

This was further confirmed on a Reddit thread where the image from the game was shared, as given below:

Image via: r/assassinscreed

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There is one Legacy Outfit available but you might not get it

So now that you know that Legacy Outfits are going to be eventually available in AC Valhalla, allow us to break it to you: some players actually can equip and use a legacy outfit in AC Valhalla right now! But there’s a caveat to it only those who watched the live-stream event of AC Valhalla’s release on Twitch have got one legacy outfit, Bayek, to themselves.

Users were supposed to connect their Ubisoft account to Twitch and then watch the launch live stream to be able to get a legacy outfit in AC Valhalla. If you did do that — like most of us — then you can’t get the Bayek legacy outfit in the game right now.

That’s all we know for now about legacy outfits being available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Based on how the trend has been as of yet, expect to have some curious side missions or game-grinding sessions to get your hands on all the other AC Valhalla legacy outfits.

We can’t wait to see how it’ll be like, donning the attire of Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad, Master Assassin of the Third Crusade, drum up some epic moments in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!


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