What to Do With Gorm in AC Valhalla?

If you’re reading this, then rest assured, you’re not alone with the whammy of a moral dilemma AC Valhalla has thrown at you. We’re of course talking about Birthrights – one of the main quests in the game that creeps up on you quite early on.

In Valhalla, you’ll be met with a number of instances where the choice you make, decides how the game will progress and ultimately how it will end. This is one of them.  However, we should warn you, there are some major spoilers up ahead for those who’ve not yet reached this part of the game.

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AC Valhalla Birthrights: What to do with Gorm

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Let's Play Part 8: Birthrights

After you have finished playing through the quest ‘A Cruel Destiny’ where you’re supposed to take Kjotve’s Fortress, you will be tasked to head towards Alrektstad. For the quest Birthrights, you’ll be going to Alrekstad for a meet with King Harald – whom you’ll get familiar with during the early sections of the game. To get started, open the map and choose the new main quest available and Birthrights will begin.

Your quest objectives should automatically have updated. The first thing you need to do is to reach Alrekstad and speak to Sigurd. Gorm will be present there too. Here, you’ll have an important conversation with Basim once both Gorm and Sigurd have left, reminiscing about your previous quest in Kjotve.

Once, you have spoken to him, you’ll be required to follow Basim. Follow him till Basim points out Gorm’s camp to you. You’ll then be prompted to enter Gorm’s cabin. Be warned, you’ll need to either sneak past the guards patrolling it or defeat them in order to clear a path to the cabin’s door.

Having dealt with the guards, approach Gorm’s cabin and head in. This will trigger a cutscene with Gorm and Eivor. After this, head out the cabin to go and meet with Sigurd, back at the Longhouse. Enter through the Longhouse doors to trigger yet another cutscene amongst Eivor, Sigurd, and the rest.

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Dealing with Gorm in AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla King Harald Choice - Kill, Banish Gorm or You Decide - Birthrights All Outcomes

It is during this cutscene, will you get the different options wherein you’ll get to decide Gorm’s fate in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You’ll have to choose from the 3 options. You could either propose to have him killed, to be banished, or leave it up to King Harald to make a decision.

Whichever option you’ll pick, it’ll continue the cutscene, with the option you’ve chosen having an effect on the outcome of the discussion taking place. If you propose to have him killed, King Harald will sympathize with Eivor’s motives and tell him that Gorm shouldn’t receive a quick death, a quick release.

If you pick the second option, that is, to have him banished, King Harald will appreciate Eivor’s wisdom in saying so. He’ll know you understand that Gorm doesn’t deserve a quick death, but instead deserves to be exiled to the wilds, where he can meet hardships and a long dragged-out end.

The third option, which allows you to let the King decide, will have King Harald call you modest and honorable. The king too wanted Gorm to be exiled, and thus, will ask for him to be banished from the lands by the next full moon.

After this cutscene is over, you’ll be given the choice by King Harald to join his clan. All this makes for some excellent role-playing sequences in the quest Birthrights. We hope that this helps you make up your mind when facing this situation. Upon further playthrough, you’ll find various other choices and consequences to mull over, with some of them having a profound effect on the course the game takes and the ending you get to see.