Who Betrayed Soma in AC Valhalla? Who Is The Traitor in The Stench of Treachery?

When you complete the Glory Regained storyline inside Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will find yourself in the midst of a game of detective where you will have to help one of your supporting characters decide who has gone around her head and over to the other side of the battleground.

Yes, we’re talking about “The Stench of Treachery” quest which you will enter once you helped Soma gain back her town from the Saxons. In this post, we’re going to help you figure out who the real traitor in “The Stench of Treachery” is, how we managed to circle down on the real traitor, and what happens when you tell Soma about them.

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How did you get here?

When you set foot in England for the first time in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will have to decide which faction you want to be a part of and play with. Only when you choose Grantebridgescire, you can team up with Soma and her companions by taking the role of Eivor.

Your first task is to help Soma retake their establishment in the town of Grantebridgescire which was lost to Wigmund’s Saxons. After celebrating the victory against the Saxons, Soma is worried that there might be a traitor in their midst since the knowledge of secret tunnels to Grantebridge was only private to Soma and her three advisors.

That’s where you come in. You will play detective and look for clues across different parts of Grantebridge to find out who might be the traitor among Soma’s closest advisors.

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Who are the suspects in The Stench of Treachery?

The fact that the information about the secret tunnels leading to Grantebridge was only known to four people in the whole of Valhalla, Soma wants your help to narrow down which among her three close advisors could be behind the treachery.

The three suspects are- Lif, Birna, and Galinn. You might have bumped into each of them previously at the beginning of this quest.

Your job is to give Soma a suggestion of your own based on the evidence that you collect about each of the suspects. You can gather clues by talking to each of the three suspects, other characters you can interact with, and exploring the region in and around the tunnel from where the Saxons got in.

Spoiler alert! If you don’t wish to get the clues and find who the traitor is yourself, then we’re happy to tell you who that is. Read the following section to find who the real traitor in The Stench of Treachery is. If not, skip this section and read the one after this where we explain what made us get to this conclusion.

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Who Is The Traitor in The Stench of Treachery?

The real traitor in The Stench of Treachery in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Galinn! Galinn was the one who made a deal with Wigmund and made sure he could escape the attack by painting the ship yellow. Not only did he not manage to get an alibi on the night of the attack but he was also found by Eivor in close proximity to the attacked ship.

What led us to believe who the traitor is?

Upon entering “The Stench of Treachery” story quest, the first thing you can do to start your investigation is to talk to each and every suspect that Soma told you about. When you speak to them, you will be able to gather the following details:

About Birna: Soma’s most skilled fighter with a relationship that goes beyond what meets the eye. Suspicious for packing her backs on the night of the ambush.

About Galinn: A fighter who was in the wilderness before Soma took him into her group. Has no evidence of where he was during the time of the ambush.

About Lif: A master shipbuilder who has served Soma for the longest period. He was at the shipyard at the time of the Grantebridge ambush. Hints Eivor that he was the one to lead his tribe.

You also gather some pieces of information from people who witnessed the ambush. Report all of these details back to Soma and you will then be led to a scattered group of islands outside of Grantebridge where you’ll be greeted with the wreckage of ships. You will find the following bunch of clues when looking for one:

  • A cross painted in yellow at the start of Grantebridge tunnel.
  • Lif’s shopping list includes yellow paint.
  • A yellow-painted longship from the wreckage.
  • A letter from Wigmund found after killing the remaining Saxon soldiers on the other side of the river. This letter orders the Saxons to attack the yellow ship.
  • The earliest and most important clue is Eivor finding Galinn just around the yellow ship.

All this points to the fact that it was Galinn who made a deal with the Saxons for the Grantebridge ambush.

What happens when you report Soma about the traitor?

Knowing that the traitor is none other than Galinn, Soma will now summon all three of her advisors to a meeting and will slit through his throat, thus killing him. Soma says she’s hurt and feels as if she cut off her own arm while killing Galinn.

Regardless of which traitor you choose, you can continue with the next part of the quest. Your next goal is to accompany Soma and her remaining companions to the Ely Monastery where Wigmund is hiding.

However, it will change the way Soma and Birna feel about you. Here are the consequences you might face:

  • After you choose Galinn as the traitor: The raid on Wigmund will go as planned at the end of which Soma will reward you. Birna will now join you for your future quests.
  • After you choose Birna or Lif as the traitor: Soma will be disappointed with you and trust you less. You will have to face Galinn in a battle.

Whom did you choose as your traitor in “The Stench of Treachery” and why?


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