‘The Ash Spear’ in AC Valhalla: All The Clue Locations and Guide

Noble assassins taking the fight to the cruel and corrupt templars — the Assassin’s Creed franchise has always managed to spare a little room for the classic narrative. The latest entrant to the AC universe — Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — was not going to be an exception. The Order of Ancients campaign in AC Valhalla adds a new chapter to the tale, picking up right from where Origins had left us.

The Order of Ancients in Valhalla is a neat extension to the whole Assassin’s universe, letting you track and take down zealots from their faction in the most intuitive of ways. Just like with The Oil, we are once again extending a helping hand, telling you how you can go about tracking down the ruthless Ash Spear and check him off your list.

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Where to find all the Clues for Gifle – The Ash Spear

To find more information on the whereabouts of the Ash Spear, you will first need to find yourself three clues, linked directly to him. These clues will reveal the target to you, along with his whereabouts in the region of Grantebridgescire.

Clue #1 – Wuffa Zealot

The zealot Wuffa in Valhalla is described as a “frequent drinking companion of the Ash Spear”. So, it makes sense that we’ll get the first bit of information on Gifle from her.

In The Order mission, where you are tasked to assassinate Wuffa, confirming her kill will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’ll receive your first clue on the Ash Spear. You can view this clue later on, from the ‘Orders’ menu while in the game.

Clue #2 – Roman Tower

For your second clue pursuing this order member, you would need to head over to the ruined tower near Scotthoh farm. Though this is a restricted area, you need not worry about running into any guards or enemies here. Run up the path leading to the ruined tower. You will spot an open wagon on the left of a raging pyre.

Approach the wagon and collect the second clue on Ash Spear from it. Collecting the clue would add more information about your target, reveal a little about his whereabouts, and give away the location for the next clue.

Clue #3 – Bandit Camp

Head over to this bandit camp located between Britannia’s watch and Thetford village.

Now, if you have not cleared out the camp already, you can expect to run into some resistance. Deal with the enemies here, and then proceed to the bench in the middle of the camp,  near the chest and cots. Collect the last and third clue off this bench, which will reveal the order member to you.

After you have found all three of these clues, Gifle the Ash Spear’s order details will be unveiled for you to see and read. You can then, finally set out to find him.

How to find the Ash Spear and Assassinate him in AC Valhalla

The Ash-Spear All Clues Assassin

Once you are done reading all about Gifle, you are ready and raring to take out the monster.

Gifle is staying at his forest hideout in Theotford, near Grantebridge. Make your way to the forest’s highest point and enter his hideout spot. Needless to say, this is a restricted area so we suggest sneaking in and taking out as many enemies as you can before setting sights on Gifle.

Use your Odin sight to reveal the Ash Spear and finally take him on. After you have defeated him in combat, go ahead and confirm his kill.

This will trigger a final cutscene between Eivor and Gifle. Ending or completing the scene would check the zealot off the Order list.

Killing him will net you an Order of the Ancients medallion, an armor rune, and also a clue about Crozier — another order member. We hope this helps you get closer to clearing off the Order of Ancients and those pesky zealots!