The Oil in AC Valhalla: All The Clues & How To Find and Kill Him

At the heart of every Assassin’s Creed game is the raging battle between two clashing orders — the Templars and the Assassins. The battle, which has spanned over many games in the series has only gotten harsher and colder over the years.

Timelines have shifted, years and decades have passed. Yet, these two factions remain at each other’s throats. And this is where the ‘Order of Ancients’ comes into play in the all-new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Order of Ancients is essentially a cult in Valhalla who pose danger to the world of Assassins. You are tasked with hunting and dispatching Zealots from the hierarchy of Members you will come across in the game. Just like The Billhook or The Adze, The Oil is another Templar scum for you to sink your blade into.

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Where to Find Clues for Yohanes the Oil

The Oil you’ll soon find out is another one of the cultists, templars who you’ll have to find and execute. ‘The Oil’ is only a well-known alias, of course. The real name of the monster is Yohanes Loukas. To know about his whereabouts, you’ll first have to find 3 distinct clues, with each one leading you a little closer to your objective.

Clue #1

To get the first clue, you’ll have to be pretty deep into the Order and must be close to finishing off Hrothgar Zealot. Once you’ve disabled him, approach the Zealot, and kill him. This should trigger a cutscene.

In his dying throes, the Hrothgar Zealot will give you the first clue you need to track down The Oil. You can later view this bit of clue from the ‘Orders’ menu in-game.

Clue #2

For the second bit of Clue, you’ll have to travel to a spot near Henge Farm. The quest indicator will read “Investigate the Festival near Henge Farm in the HIlls south of Stonehenge”.

When you’ve reached this spot, go through the group of people in front of you here to find a small clearing with a wooden table in the middle. Collect the second clue, lying on top.

Clue #3

For the third and final clue to The Oil, you will need to “Search the Pig Farm at Readingum Abbey in Hamtunscire”. Head over to Readingham Abbey, in the region of Hamtunscire.

Once you’re at the spot, you will find a well right beside the tree that’s boarded up with a wooden panel covering. Smash that boarding with your ax to open the mouth of the well.

After opening up the well, climb down to the bottom to find yourself in a small room-like place. You’ll find the third clue laying in the corner here along with some other parchments. There shall also be a treasure chest for you to loot over here.

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How to find the Oil and Assassinate Him in AC Valhalla

After you have collected all the 3 clues about The Oil, the order for finding and Assassinating him shall be revealed to you.

Head over to Fearnhamme. You’ll know this place if you’ve been to the Fearnhamme ruins before. Take note, this is a ‘Distrust’ area so avoid being detected until you’ve found your target.

Your target, The Oil will be standing in front of one of the structures here with a grand arched doorway. See that templar flag on the right? This guy is just begging to be put out of his misery.

Sneak up from behind on Yohanes Loukas ‘The Oil’ and plunge your hidden blade deep into him. Assassinate him and you will trigger a cutscene with Yohanes. Listen to his sob story, and you’ll be done with this Order member.

Exit the location avoiding any detection and that’ll end the Order quest for The Oil. Hope this helps you in quickly finding and getting over this pesky Order member we dealt with today. Check back with us later for more on members of the Order of Ancients.


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