AC Valhalla Tonnastadir House Location and Wealth Guide: Find the Key and Open the Barred Door

A small hamlet with barred doors and a decent amount of treasures, Tonnastadir will be one of the locations that Eivor needs to access for some useful treasures as well as to move the plot of the game further.

You will encounter barred doors, tricky navigations and of course, reap great rewards in this small hamlet. If you are considering whether Tonnastadir is worth the time and effort, this article should certainly help you get a clear perspective on how to proceed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tonnastadir.

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Tonnastadir L Shaped House

A small hamlet of the Ledecestrescire region, the Tonnastadir hamlet will be one of the first places that you will raid as Eivor after reaching England. At a requirement of level 20, you can take on Tonnastadir fairly easily with the bow and arrow.

The hamlet is occupied by a few enemies who are guarding treasures. This hamlet is part of the main plot, however, you can choose to go regardless for treasure acquisition.

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Tonnastadir Hamlet: How to reach

A small hamlet called Tonnastadir is located on the north-west side of the Ledecestrescire region. It’s only a little further from Ravensthorpe where Eivor and the Raven clan first land.

The best way to get there is via sailing, use the longboat to navigate the map and reach the location. Once you’ve arrived, the most dominant sight is that of a big Townhall that’s located right in the middle.

There will be a few smaller houses scattered across the area and a tower on the right-end.

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Tonnastadir Wealth

Tonnastadir AC Valhalla - Key Location, Barred Doors - Ability Book, Gear, Wealth Chests

There are six treasures (seven including the treasure chest in Town Hall) that you will be able to acquire in Tonnastadir. Barred doors will be a significant impediment to reach these treasures, however, this guide will help you navigate those as well. Make sure that you use Odin sight so the game marks points of interest whenever you’re near one.

Treasure #1: The Tonnastadir Key

The key is important because it will open other doors for you in this location. It’s present in the Longhouse (the main building) so that’s going to be your first raid location. Go to the watch post at the entrance of the hamlet and climb up. There will be an enemy present here so make sure you’ve taken them down first. From the top of the watch post, a rope will be connected to the Longhouse’s first-floor window. Walk over the rope to the entrance and reach into the building. Once you’re inside, use an arrow to remove the wicker barrier across the pole.

Next, walk on the pole and penetrate deeper into the building. Use the ladder to climb down and keep an eye out for the enemy whom you will have to assassinate. Once you’ve killed the assassin, walked towards the table with a bunch of scrolls on it, you will be able to locate the key here.

Treasure #1.1: Longhouse wealth chest

Along with the Key, the Longhouse also has a secret treasure chest in the attic storeroom. Climb back up the rafters and make your way to the attic storeroom. In the storeroom, you will find a treasure chest, loot it.

Treasure #2: L-shaped house wealth chest

After exiting the Longhouse, you will come across an L-shaped house towards your left. The main door will be barred so you need to use Odin Sight to identify its lock.

Now, you need to find a window with a decent angle to destroy the lock. After the lock problem is solved, enter the house and look for a boarded-up entrance on the floor. Use an arrow to destroy it and jump into the basement of the house. You will find the treasure chest here.

Treasure #3: Gear Chest

Exit the L-shaped house and enter the main area of the hamlet. You will be able to sight a bunch of statues right up ahead on the street. Keep walking till you arrive at a side road on the right. Walk towards the edge of the wooden plank and you will be able to see the entrance of the cave beneath which is being guarded by enemies.

Take them down and use the key from the town hall to unlock the door leading to the cave. Once inside, go deeper into the cave and you will find a golden chest with Huntsmen Healm gear wealth in it.

Treasure #4:The Tonnastadir Book of Knowledge

After collecting the gear wealth, look around for a small gap in the cave walls. Make your way into the inner room through the gap. You will immediately see the Tonnastadir Book of Knowledge on top of the lectern. Go and collect it.

Treasure #5: Pointy House Wealth Chest

Make your way to the pointy house which is situated on a slightly higher cliff. There will be enemy guards near the house as well as by the entrance. Make sure you take them down first.

Once you’ve done this, go towards the back of the house and climb onto the ledge that is connected to a wicker window. Use an arrow to destroy the window and then jump into the house. The treasure chest will be next to the table full of groceries, go loot it.

Treasure #6: Log-house wealth chest

This last chest is located in a house that’s supported by logs on both sides. Make your way carefully to the back of the house as there will be many enemies here. Assassinate the enemy inside the house and any others who are alerted or enter the house as well. Once you’re in the clear, go for the chest towards the left side.

We’ve shared everything there is to know about Tonnastadir that you need to know in order to progress in AC Valhalla. Hope you found this article helpful. Take care and stay safe!


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