Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Kill Him or Spare Him? What to Do and Why?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has kept up its tradition of allowing players to make the decisions concerning the fate of some characters – whether to kill them off or spare them. There are a few quests in which Eivor will be given such a choice for which he will have to consult his conscience – you.

Though the consequences of choices in some quests do not matter much, some of them do impact the storyline quite a bit.

In this guide, we go through the characters whose fates end up in Eivor’s hands and what the different choices that players are presented with entail.

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A Rogue Dane Warrior

AC Valhalla Uninvited Guests Choice - Free or Kill Dane

This is in the side quest titled ‘Uninvited Guests’ which begins soon after you unlock East Anglia. After a short unpleasant conversation with Dag, a group of Danes barge in, and the village of Ravensthorpe is besieged.

Of course, you as Eivor defend the village by killing everyone off. But later, you’ll be presented with the choice of killing someone from the group, you know, to send a message.

Kill him: If you kill the Dane, Dag will respect you but Randvi will be upset as she could have sent spies after the Dane to gather more information.

Spare him: If you spare the Dane, Randvi will be happy but Dag will get furious, take matters into his own hand, and kill the Dane all the same. This will further strain your relationship with Dag.

It really doesn’t matter which decision you ultimately make since it doesn’t impact the story at all.

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You’ll come across Leofrith in the mission ‘Heavy is the Head’. After a hard-fought battle, you’ll be given the choice of either letting him go or finishing him. Bear in mind that this decision will impact your gameplay considerably.

If you kill Leofrith, the Zealots that serve the Order of the Ancients will start actively hunting you. This is going to up the stakes as these are formidable foes that will smell you out and engage you in battle anywhere.

They’re a tough breed so if you’re looking for a challenging campaign, go ahead and end him.

On the other hand, if you spare him, he’ll give you information about the Zealots. You will be advised to burn a scroll with Eivor’s name on it at Venonis. This will stop Zealots from being a menace in your campaign.

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This one can be tricky. In the Eurviscire story arc, you’ll be faced with the decision of confronting Faravid or Halfdan. The choice comes up during the feast when you’re on the ‘Of Blood and Bonds’ quest.

When Halfdan accuses Faravid, you’ll have to step in and decide whom to support. It can be a hard decision to make since you’ve spent a good deal of time in forging alliances with these people and you wouldn’t want to mess it all up with a wrong decision.

Here’s what you can do.

Either confront Halfdan which will make him angry enough to banish Fravid from the town. Or confront Faravid, fight and execute him.

If you want to ensure that you secure the alliance with Eurviscire, choose the second option. If you want to give it up, you can side with Halfdan and end Faravid.

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In Valhalla’s third region, East Anglia, you’ll be involved in a quest to get Oswald on the throne. But East Anglia is menaced by Rued, a Viking raider. This is when you could, with a flourish of your ax, end Rued and his plague, or show mercy as per the wishes of the forgiving Oswald.

The choice you make will impact the subsequent events in the campaign. Here’s what will happen:

If you kill Rued, you skip a scene and a potential boss fight in the next quest. Oswald won’t be appreciative of your decision but it won’t affect your alliance with East Anglia. Finnr will join the Raven Clan.

If you spare Rued, Oswald will have him arrested and tried. An optional boss fight will be unlocked in the next quest. In the next quest, depending on your choice, Finnr will either join the Raven Clan or return to East Anglia with a renewed purpose for his life.

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Assassins Creed Valhalla Kill or Banish Gorm All Outcomes Good & Evil

Gorm is not an easy character to like, a veritable turd, in fact, and Eivor lets him know as much.

After an attack on his father’s fortress, Eivor is faced with three choices that determine Gorm’s fate. But none of the decisions will make much of a difference.

Anyway, here’s what you can do – kill Gorm, banish Gorm, or let Harald decide. Although all three decisions will lead to a slightly different conversation between Eivor and Harald, the end result is the same: Harald banishing Gorm.



This decision is thrust upon you in the side quest ‘The Gutted Lamb‘. After fighting Modron (which isn’t that difficult, a few arrows would do), you’ll decide between killing or sparing her.

Spare her, and she’ll be reunited with her daughter. Kill her, and you’ll upset the daughter who curses you and tells you that your punishment will come in due time. But there’s no need to heed any of it as it doesn’t amount to much.


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  1. “No need to heed any of it as it doesn’t amount to much.” The exact same thing can be said about literally every “choice” (or, more accurately, every instance of ‘illusion of choice,’) in any Ubisoft game. Ubisoft doesn’t make RPG’s, they make pseudo-RPG’s, or “RPG-lite.” Choices literally never matter. All roads lead to Rome. Ubisoft is too lazy and basic to offer any actual, substantial choices where the consequences will ever matter at all, in any way. Thats too much work and we’re not worth their effort. If you want to be sure then drop a quicksave, then make a choice, then reload your quicksave and make the other choice, then watch as everything turns out the same way no matter what.

    If you want a real RPG where choices actually matter, at all, ever, then go pick up Cyberpunk 2077.

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