How to Flyt With Jungulf in AC Valhalla and Win the Gold Reward

If it’s one thing that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has taught us while exploring all the mystery sections of the game is easily the art of ‘Flyting’. You remember that right? If you’ve met Augusta the Cheerful in Lunden, then this will be one nostalgic surprise. If you haven’t, then do remember to check out our Lunden Mysteries guide and be sure to meet that wonderful lady.

Similarly, while exploring the region of Ledecestrescire in Valhalla, you’ll come across a peculiar character who goes by the name ‘Jungulf’. Don’t be bothered by his rude remarks, as he’s much useful to you alive rather than dead.

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Where to Find Jungulf in Ledecestrescire?

Jungulf makes up for one of the various mysteries you can find and interact with, in the region of Ledecestrescire. You can find him if you visit a small town called Repton.

Simply run-up to him, and interact with the character of Jungulf and that should begin the dialogue that precedes the session of Flyting.

How to win the Flyt with Jungulf and win the gold

After Jungulf’s successfully taunted you into placing a wager with him, the Flyt option to bet on the winning side shall show up on your screen. We suggest picking the largest wager because, with our guide, you’ll surely win Flyting with him.

In the first part of the Flyt, hear his opening phrase and then select the third answer from the options available on your screen;
O, to beat such a braggart will surely be fun.”

For the second part, the option that you have to choose from the list of Flyts is the first one;
You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse.

For the third and final part of the Flyt, hear his boastful phrase, and be ready with this retort. Choose the second answer from the options available;
Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse.

And that’s the mystery finished. Along with any career in Flyting poor Jungulf might’ve been considering. If you strain your ear, you can almost hear Godrich mumbling “Look how they massacred my boy” under his breath. Perhaps that’s just us. Godfather anyone?

Having won your Flyt duel with Jungulf, you’ll finally take home the gold. Well, it’s not gold but silver really. We think it’s got something to do with the fact that it’s after all Jungulf, a professional Flyter saying it. Or maybe that’s just the devs slipping up. Still, it’s double the amount of silver you initially bet, so we hope you took our suggestion and bet large.

With this, you’ll be closer to completing all mysteries in Ledecestrescire and richer by 200 silvers too!


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