AC Valhalla: Holger and Rowan: Choices and Consequences

The devs over at Ubisoft have done a stellar job of reminding folks playing Valhalla, that they’ll get to choose certain parts of their storyline. Given how Assassin’s Creed has evolved into an open-world RPG, this sort of roleplay should come as no surprise for fans of the AC series.

Keeping in sync with this line, you’ll be faced with a decision to make while completing the quest ‘Reporting on East Anglia’ in AC Valhalla.

Now we should let you know before we get deeper into this, that the choice you make here will last only till this quest is ended, and won’t leave a major effect on the rest of your game.

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Judge the tales of Holger and Rowan in AC Valhalla

While you’re completing the Quest titled ‘Reporting on East Anglia’, you’ll be able to work through a smaller quest within it; ‘Mane and Tail’. To start this off, you’ll need to Approach Randvi who’s in the longhouse, after you’ve completed the previous quest ‘Tale of Thegn Oswald’.

Before interacting with Randvi, take note of the two people arguing in the main hall in front of her. These two will be Holger and Rowan. You can eavesdrop on their bickering or directly speak to Randvi. This will trigger a cutscene and also the new quest.

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Holger or Rowan: Who is Right?


After your character Eivor’s seated on the throne to listen and judge, you’ll get Holger and Rowan both willing to tell you their accounts of what happened between them. You’ll be able to hear and judge for yourself who you think is right.

Rowan’s story

Choosing Rowan to recount his version of the incident, you’ll get to know that Rowan feels he’s been wronged by Holger. Rowan will tell you that he’s tried to emulate how generous Danes can be, but Holger has crossed a line with him.

Rowan will then reveal that Holger has sheared-off the hair from one of his prized steeds. He says that he saw Holger using this hair to paint with and that because of this action, he demands to be compensated by Holger.

Holger’s story

Holger, next, will break out into a dramatic retelling of his side of the incident. As an artist and a poet, Holger will remind Eivor how his work as a Skald is collectively important for the people of this settlement.

Holger will also stress how others, like Alvis and Tove give their wares freely to him for use, and that the only reason he didn’t seek Rowan’s permission was that because Rowan was sleeping. He finally concludes by admitting that he did indeed shear off Rowan’s horse’s tail, but for his art.

What to do?

After hearing the personal accounts of both of them, you’ll then be prompted to make a fair decision regarding what’s to be done. After Eivor has stifled their bickering, he’ll let them know who he think’s in the right. Though you can pick either, we suggest that you should pick Holger.

As we said earlier, picking either will have no long-term consequence for your game. However, picking Holger will be the ‘morally’ right choice, as Eivor will successfully pacify both of them.

If you decide that Holger is in the right, Eivor will remind Rowan that the hair will grow back and make Holger apologize for what he’s done to Rowan.

If you choose to side with Rowan, Eivor will tell off Holger for what he’s done. He’ll also direct Holger to cough up a fair price for it to Rowan since he’s diminished the Horse’s price.

Depending on what decision you made Eivor take, Rowan will either accept Holger’s apology and leave the hall as friends in the first choice or, Rowan will leave visibly satisfied that he extracted his pound of flesh from Holger. These are the two possible choices that you can make while in the quest Mane and Tail.

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  2. Holger snuck into the stable past a sleeping Rowan and chopped off a prize horses’ tail just to make a brush.. Not even bothering to apologize to Rowan. Holger left the horse with a stump for a tail.. How the hell is the morally right choice to side with holger ? regardless of this article, im siding with rowan.

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