Valhalla Skill Tree Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you shape the game’s main protagonist, Eivor with combat and character effects that make him ready for battle. These effects are called Skills which can be used to perform certain actions under certain conditions after you learn them from the Skill Tree.

What is Skill Tree in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Skills, unlike Abilities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, can be performed without spending any resources like Adrenaline. All you need to do is spend skill points to get new Skills from the Skill Tree.


When you play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will bump into the Skill tree that is an in-game user interface that shows the Skills you have earned and the nearest ones you can unlock at the time. You can equip skills to improve your stats, increase your power level, and add different fighting moves with the press of a button.

What are the different Skill Trees or Builds?

The Skill Tree is severed into three distinct paths to synchronize with your playstyle – Wolf Tree, Bear Tree, and Raven Tree. Unlocking different skills across each of these paths will strengthen your playstyle toward that particular Skill tree.

Bear Tree: The Bear branch of the Skill Tree is indicated in Red-colored nodes. If you equip new skills from this part of the Skill Tree, you will get to improve your hand-to-hand fighting skills with better damage through weapons and higher resistance to enemies’ attacks. The Bear Tree can be significant in boosting your character’s strength and can be best built with Heavy Dual Wield, Terror, and Sprint Bash skills.

Raven Tree: The Raven branch of the Skill Tree is shown with Yellow nodes and favors stealth attacks and skills that involve hidden blade. The more skill points you consume inside the Raven tree, the more precise and clearer your assassination will be when in stealth mode. The best of the Raven clan is brought to you in the form of Assassin’s Cantrip, Chain Assassination, and Counter Roll.

Wolf Tree: The Wolf Tree or the Wolf branch of the Skill Tree is denoted by blue nodes and unlocks powerful ranged attacks over the enemy. Leveling up higher skills in the Wolf branch gets you better precision when taking shots using an arrow or a spear at the enemy from a long way out. Charged Shot, Battleground Bolt, and Arrow Reinforcement are some of the best skills you can take advantage of if you take the Wolf path in terms of skill development.

All Skills and Skill Trees in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you pick one Skill tree and spend Skill points to learn a Skill and move along the skill groups to master stealth, melee, or ranged attacks within the game.

All skills under Bear Tree

Skill Name Skill Description
Stomp You can stomp on your enemy’s face when they’re on the ground by pressing R3
Dual Swap Swap weapons when wielding dual weapons by pressing RT + R3
Perfect Attack Do more damage to the enemy by pressing RB after swinging a weapon
Parry Damage Successful parries also deal damage to the attacker
Berserker’s Mettle Enemies first strike doesn’t affect your Adrenaline Slot even when it isn’t filled fully
Light Bow Combo Extra damage when you make consecutive shots with a light bow
Warrior Takedown Attempt a takedown with your melee weapon on an unaware enemy by pressing RT; Pros: Will add adrenaline to execute enemies around you; Cons: Will alert nearby enemies
Adrenaline Fiend You get Damage Boost when 1 or more Adrenaline bars are filled
Heavy Dual Wield Heavy weapons can be dual-wielded
Terror Weaker enemies will fear you after you perform a stun finisher
Battlefield Cremation When killing an enemy with a fire attack, all those around the enemy will also burn and get damaged
Sprint Bash Lets you bash through breakable objects or push other NPCs to the ground
Arrow Volley Release all loaded arrows with a light bow at once by holding and releasing R

All skills under Raven Tree

Skill Name Skill Description
Backstab The enemy will be inflicted with more damage when you land a blow on their back, causing them to stagger
Brush with Death When dodging an attack, makes others around you appear to move slower to give you more reaction time to reciprocate
Guided Arrow Adjust an arrow’s trajectory during its flight by pressing RB
Advanced Assassination Lets you kill high-level targets with a timing-based attack
Predator Bow Combo Causes extra damage to opponent when shooting consecutive predator bows to their head
Explosive Corpse Place a booby trap on a dead body so that the next person who investigates it gets injured
Chain Assassination Throw an ax at the enemy who’s next to the enemy you just assassinated
Breakfall When landing from a dangerous height, you can reduce the damage by doing a rollover
Counter Roll Just before the enemy’s unblockable Rune Attack hits you, dodge toward them to move behind them
Miasma When you kill an enemy using a poison attack, a toxic cloud will get released around them causing harm to those who come in contact
Assassin’s Cantrip After a successful parry, you can disappear by throwing a bomb at your feet
Auto Loot Loot the enemy automatically after melee or stealth kill
Missile Reversal Throw anything back at the sender by pressing L1 before the object hits you

All skills under Wolf Tree

Skill Name Skill Description
Stealth Recon When remaining undetected and crouched, enemies will be automatically highlighted
Sprint Attack Do a sprint attack by pressing RB to sprint toward the enemy
Bow to Melee Link Inflict extra damage on the enemy when switching up between bow and melee attacks
Emergency Aim Hold LT to set your aim directly onto the enemy while they detect you; this way you can kill them and go back to remain undetected
Last Chance Healing You get ample time to heal or flee the scene when you get to the critical health state which will slow the time around you
Battleground Bolt Pick a discarded weapon and throw it onto the enemy in sigh by pressing Triangle/E
Stealth Adrenaline Get more adrenaline in stealth by pickpocketing or looting a chest in a restricted area
Hunter Bow Combo To draw your arrows faster, you release them as you draw
Grit Upon successful melee attacks, you regain the red parts of your health bar
Charged Shot Shoot two fully charged arrows with the Hunter Bow to make sure they don’t get canceled out
Bow Stun Finisher Trigger this finisher by pressing R3 while aiming at a stunned enemy
Arrow Reinforcement Lost arrows can be collected from fallen enemies
Adrenaline Upgrade Get +1 Adrenaline Slot

Best Skills in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

While all the skills that you get are helpful on their own and in different conditions, you might want to get your hands on those that you can rely on at all times or at least, most of the time. Following is a list of the best Skills that you rely on in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla:

Best Skills in Way of the Bear


Stomp: When you play Valhalla, you should establish that you cannot escape melee fights, and to overcome each one of them in the best fastest way possible, you need to equip Stomp as one of your skills. Stomp on your enemy’s head when they’re down on the ground to zero down their health bar.

Perfect Attack: When you’re in open combat and you’re fighting multiple enemies at once, you can use Perfect Attack to inflict more damage with simple attacks.

Adrenaline Fiend: Once you’re deep into the Bear branch inside the Skill Tree, you will be able to equip Adrenaline Fiend which gives you faster attacking and more damage but requires you to have 1 or more Adrenaline bars filled.

Best Skills in Way of the Wolf


UBISOFTAdrenaline Upgrade: It doesn’t matter which skill tree you favor, you should pick up Adrenaline Upgrade as fast as you can so that you get +1 Adrenaline Point immediately within the game. When you have an Adrenaline point with you, you will be able to perform better and can use Abilities within the game more often.

Sprint Attack: This Skill is as important as how easy it is to pick up and is very underrated. You can move faster, dodge faster and everything you do is faster with this Skill enabled.

Grit: Equipping Grit might not be in everyone’s plans but if you do, you can play with a sense of safety in Valhalla and know for sure that you can replenish the lost health by performing successful melee attacks.

Best Skills in Way of the Raven


Advanced Assassination: Being able to assassinate stealthily is always fun but what if you can assassinate high-level targets in one blow? Advanced Assassination lets you perform a timing-based attack so that you can win half of a battle at just the start of a fight.

Chain Assassination: Once you’ve gone on board with Advanced Assassination, the only way to go is to pick Chain Assassination next. This skill lets you convert one assassination into two as you throw an ax at the second enemy who’s in close proximity.

Missile Reversal: When you play AC Valhalla, there are a bunch of enemies who keep throwing stuff at you but you don’t have to stand there and get hurt. You can inflict damage with the missiles they aim at you by throwing it back at them after learning the Missile Reversal skill.

How to upgrade Skills in the Skill Tree

When you play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for the first time, you are at the grassroots-level of the Skill tree which is at the middle point of all the Skill Branches that we explained above.

Once you’ve established the Skill path you’re willing to take to improve your skills, you may now want to learn to upgrade them as you go.

To upgrade Skills inside the Skill Tree, you should know where to access the Skills Screen in the first place. To get here, you need to pause the game and click on the ‘Skills’ tab at the top.

Once you’re here, you will be able to see a square icon at the top right that fills up (in blue color) as you continue doing your quests.

When this square icon is completely filled (in blue), it means you have earned 2 Skill Points which you can use to learn a skill. You can only learn a skill by reaching the Active Skill icons (big icons in the Skill Tree) but in order to reach the Active Skill points, you need to go past the Passives (smaller icons in the Skill Tree).

How to get Skill Points in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

You can earn Skill Points in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by winning battles, completing quests, exploring the map, and discovering synchronization points. Skill points are also awarded when you assassinating a Viking enemy or capturing a cairn memory puzzle.

When your character gains a level, you will earn 2 Skill Points. Finishing story quests as fast as you can by gaining EXP will get you more Skill Points.

While killing all enemies may not be required to complete a story quest, killing as many of them as possible will get you more EXP, thus giving you more Skill points to work with between quests.

Exploring the world around and discovering hidden treasures and Books of Knowledge can also get you more EXP and thus more Skill Points.

How to reset all of your Skills?

Yes. You can reset your skills for free in AC Valhalla to free up points to spend.

You can reset one skill by triggering the pause menu inside the game, heading over to the ‘Skills’ tab, and locating the skill you want to reset. Once you’ve found the skill you want to reset, hold down the Reset button (the button will be highlighted on the screen when you locate the skill you want to reset).

To reset all of your skills in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, head over to the ‘Skills’ tab after launching the pause menu inside the game. Here, press the button/key associated with the ‘Reset All Skills’ option. This button will be shown at the bottom right to make it easier for you to press it.

Once all your skills have been reset, you will be able to re-allocate your Skill points to another portion of the Skill Tree so as to experiment with Eivor’s other skills you might not have tried.

How are you planning to upgrade your Skill Tree in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Let us know in the comments below. 


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