How to Get Scorched Paper Wealth in AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — the latest entrant to the famed Assassin’s Creed franchise —  has done quite well for itself. It has an excruciatingly detailed open-world arena, a compelling primary campaign, and lots to explore.

To turn yourself into a legend of the game, you’ll need to attain wealth — enough to get you all the stuff you need to get ahead in Valhalla. Acquiring Carbon Ingots is one of the go-to-methods of getting wealthier in the game, but not all of them come easy. Some require a bundle of patience and perseverance.

One challenging Carbon Ingot lies in the mountain west of Fornburg — a place where you’re required to solve a challenge to access the piece of wealth. Today, we’ll take a look at the puzzle and tell you how to get your mitts on them.

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What is the location of the Carbon Ingot?

As mentioned, the cabin with the Carbon Ingot is located in the mountain west of Fornburg. It’s still a part of the Rygjafylke wealth family of course — one of its 14 Carbon Ingots. It’s not difficult to locate the property as there’s nothing quite like it anywhere nearby. It’s secluded, eerie, and has a rustic, A-shaped look to it.

What’s the challenge?

Once you locate the cabin, you’ll, of course, try to access the Carbon Ingot inside the cabin. Unfortunately, the cabin doesn’t allow you to get the job done that easily. You’ll find a shelf that’s presumably guarding the wealth. You can try to move it, but you’ll encounter an obstacle that’s keeping it from being moved.

The challenge here is to remove the obstacle and access the Carbon Ingot wealth on the other side.

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How to get the Scorched Paper wealth?

AC Valhalla Scorched Paper - Walk Through Fire - Rygjafylke Wealth

The game here presents a puzzle but doesn’t leave you high and dry. It also gives you the solution to the problem in the form of a scorched paper. So, when you locate the Scorched Paper and decipher what’s written inside, you’ll get access to the Carbon Ingot in question. With the introduction to Scorched Paper wealth out of the way, let’s see how to acquire it.

The instruction — Scorched Paper — can be found in the adjacent room. It’s placed right on the bedside table. Simply pick it up to get the instruction.

“Those Fools from Fornburg said I was mad, but they will fall before Kjotve’s Blade! My hoard is hidden and safe. Ha! They will have to walk through fire to get it!”

The puzzle above just gives away one important hint: “fire.” You’ll need to light up the thing that is obstructing the movement of the shelf. So, standing right next to the bed, you could either through your fire-torch to the other side of the room — over the wooden wall — or you could use fire arrows to shoot the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

It could take a couple of attempts, but you’ll eventually be successful.

Finally, when the entire place is lit up and the explosion goes off, go to the front of the house and push the shelf. Push straight through, at first, before pushing to the right.

You should be able to get your hands on the wealth in an instant.


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