AC Valhalla Oxenefordscire Wealth Locations and Guide: How Find The Loot

Oxenefordscire, in the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, is one of the largest regions you will come across. With loads to do and explore, this region promises unadulterated excitement and drama. There are mysteries, exciting weapons, cool pieces of armor, and, most importantly, a huge haul of loot and treasure.

Rummaging around, you can find treasures hidden in buildings and secret locations. Else, if you’re a more hands-on person, you could find yourself some decent loot going on raids.

Here’s how you can go about finding these Wealth Locations in Oxenefordscire.

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Important Wealth Locations in Oxenefordscire AC Valhalla

Wealth locations in Oxenefordscire can help net you some really good finds like Metal ingots, silver, leather, weapons, and other useful stuff. Here’s a list of all the Wealth Locations in the region.

Nickel Ingot #1

For your first piece of Nickel Ingot, head over to the location near Perie in Oxenefordscire. Use your Odin sight to reveal a key lodged behind a boulder at this spot. Pull and remove the boulder to collect the key from its back.

Head over to a small hut on the side and you will find a firepot sitting at its entrance.

Pick this up and head over to the house that shows up as having the wealth in your Odin sight. Head down the steps once inside this house and smash the wall in the basement to find the chest which has the first Nickel Ingot.

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Nickel Ingot #2

This one’s fairly simple to obtain. Once you’ve reached this spot in Oxenefordscire, find the tent here which has the key tucked inside.

Deal with the enemies patrolling here and then use your Odin sight again to locate and open the chest.

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Nickel Ingot #3, Feign Death Ability and Enemy’s Loot

Head over to Leah Villa Garrison. This is a restricted area so we suggest either tiptoeing a bit or deal with the enemies.

Climb into the building you see here and obtain the Leah Villa library key. Unlock the library in the corner here and you’ll get the ‘Feign Death’ Ability from a book of knowledge lying inside.

Next, locate and kill the ‘Skirmisher’ enemy in this location. Doing so will give you his loot along with a piece of Nickel Ingot. Shoot the door’s lock from outside the library, through one of its windows. Then head back into the library, into the room and you’ll loot your next piece of Nickel Ingot from it.

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Nickel Ingot #4

For the next piece of Nickel Ingot, head over to the Derelict Shrine of Camulus. Use your Odin sight to locate the first key lying on top of a pillar over here.

Break into the building from its roof on the other side to find the second key. Head back to the Pillars’ location and enter into the halls below them through the crack outside. Avoid the snakes and loot the chest for some more Nickel Ingots.

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Nickel Ingot #5

After you’ve reached Hammeham, activate your Odin sight and mark both the chest and key located nearby.

Head to the smaller house on the left and move the pile of rubble on top of the key. Unlock the door inside the main house with that key and loot your final Nickel Ingot from the chest inside.

Magister’s Vambraces

Once you’ve reached Buckingham, collect the key from the stone bench.

Next, head inside the castle by unlocking the door right in front of you. Shoot down the ladder and head up to find the Magister’s Vambraces — a stellar piece of armor for your outfit.

Magister’s Robes

Head back to the Leah Villa garrison to get the Magister’s Robe.

On the far end of the garrison, there will be a way to enter into the attic from above by moving aside a shelf blocking its window. Once inside, break the lock on the door and pick up a firepot from this barn. Use this firepot to blow up the entrance of the building outside the barn and you’ll find the Magister’s Robes in a chest inside it.

Magister’s Trousers and Vengeance of Thor Ability

Once you have reached the spot near Oxeneforda, climb the tightrope towards your right, and shoot the window of the tower ahead. Inside, look up and break the wooden plank to climb upwards and into the attic.

Shoot the rope suspending the chandelier through the narrow gap above the shelf. This will allow you to then move the shelf and loot the Magister’s Trousers from the chest here. Head down after moving the second shelf below to find the ‘Crypt’ key. Break out, head towards your left to the crypt and you’ll find the ‘Vengeance of Thor’ ability once inside.

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Shishi Guard

Head back to the Cyne Belle Castle after you have finished the Saga Stone quest.

With the castle’s main doors open, head inside the main hall and you’ll find the Shishi Guard armor piece in a chest at the end of the hall.

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Man’s Best Friend Ability Upgrade

You’ll find the Man’s Best Friend ability upgrade right here at Crepelgate Fort.

Head up the wooden ramparts here by entering from below the structure. Climb up and in through the window. Go inside the basement below by moving the shelf ahead. Pick up the book of knowledge for this ability upgrade.

Remaining Enemy Locations

Use your Odin Sight once you are at Linforda, to find the ‘Cutthroat’ enemy class. Kill him to loot his wealth and then leave this restricted area.

At Evinghou Tower, right beside the haystack, you will find a tree veering off towards the right. Climb on the tree and then shoot the wooden window of the tower ahead. You will find the ‘Goliath’ enemy class once inside. Kill and loot him to receive all of his wealth.

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Raw Materials and Raids in Oxenefordscire Valhalla

After you’ve had your fill of exploring these Wealth Locations and discovering treasure chests and weapons, it is time to kick off those raids we were talking about earlier.

Raid #1 – Evesham Abbey

To begin the raid, head over to Evesham Abbey. Once you have reached this area, sound the raid with your conch and deal with all the enemies standing in this settlement.

Having dealt with all the enemies here, loot the raw materials from the churches and monasteries. You will also find a Nickel Ingot over here.

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Raid #2 – Saint Albanes Abbey

Head back to Albanes Abbey from your previously traveled locations. Initiate the raid by starting it from your abilities wheel. There are about 4 raw materials chests to be looted from here, so make sure to comb through it thoroughly after dealing with all the guards in the settlement.

All this pretty much makes up for all of the Important wealth locations and raiding spots in the region of Oxenefordscire, England. This shall help you complete your Wealth bar in the region and use it all to upgrade weapons and your settlement.