AC Valhalla Lady Edwyn Fate: What Happens If You Exile Her And Not

If you are already looking to decide Lady Edwyn’s fate, then you are probably at the end of your Oxenfordscire Arc. This story is full of ups and downs and without getting into too many spoilers, let’s take a look at the ideal choice you should make when deciding Lady Edwyn’s fate in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Lady Edwyn Choices

You mainly get two choices when deciding Lady Edwyn’s fate. Either choice takes the Lady out of the game essentially, with one of them leading to a few encounters with her by the end. You get the following choices to decide what happens with her…

  • Let her be exiled
  • Let Geadric look after her

What happens if you exile Lady Edwyn

If you decide to exile Lady Edwyn, she will be stripped off of all her wealth and titles. Her wealth and items will be added to your inventory and Lady Edwyn will be banished from your territory.

(Spoiler ahead!) This will cause her to pledge revenge on you and she will supposedly try to assassinate you later on in the game. She claims that she will walk in the other direction until her feet are bloody and until she has found a way to exact revenge on Eivor.

What happens if you let Geadric look after her

If you decide to hand over Lady Edwyn to Geadric, then he will basically imprison her and she will be gone for good. Geadric isn’t too happy with her actions and doesn’t plan on letting her roam free. Some of Geadric’s men will come forward and take Lady Edwyn away.

Which is the right choice?

The morally right choice would have to be your own. No matter which choice you make, it will not severely impact the gameplay or the outcome of Eivor’s story arc. You can basically choose what your heart thinks is right.

According to players that seem to have completed this arc, if you let Geadric take care of her then it would be your final encounter with her. On the other hand, if you exile her, she will occasionally send assassins after you in the game.

How did you decide Lady Edwyn’s fate? Share your thoughts with us below. 



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