AC Valhalla Fast Travel Unavailable Issue: What Is Causing It? What About Fix?

AC Valhalla has had a few minor bugs since the release with a fraction of the players experiencing quest bugs that prevent them from progressing. A few updates have been released to fix such bugs and the latest one was released this morning titled v1.04.

Sadly, instead of bringing some much-needed improvements to the game, v1.04 seems to break a lot of existing mechanics that were otherwise unaffected. One major issue is the inability to fast travel across the map in Valhalla. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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AC Valhalla Fast Travel Unavailable Issue: What is it?

So the new update has introduced various bugs for users all around. Some have experienced the inability to load saves while others are having problems saving their progress. But a major consistent issue with the new update seems to be the inability to fast travel across the map. Here are a few tweets that explain the extent of this issue.

Another Twitteratti mentioned the need for a quick hotfix.

Players are worried their gameplay time has been laid waste.

Back to GTA V?

Another Viking revealed that even the quest marker has gone rogue.

Clearly, the issue has hit badly many Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players.

The issue has been posted in Ubisoft’s forums as well.

It seems that the game recognizes you being in battle and hence prevents you from fast traveling across the map. Additionally, manual saves are disabled during combat and quest events which is why this functionality also seems to be missing for some users.

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Fix for fast travel not available issue?

Sadly, at the point of writing this post, there seems to be no clear fix for the issue to make the issue go away permanently, but wait, there are some handy workarounds that you can use.

Workaround #1: Complete the Petra Quest

It turns out that many users have been able to fix the no manual save and fast travel issue by completing the 3rd part of Petra’s quest which involves getting romantically involved with her. Petra is a romantic interest for Eivor in the game. She is a hunter from your settlement. Once the third part is complete, you should be able to use fast travel and manual saves normally without any issue. This is not a permanent fix but it sure seems to work for many users.

The issue seems to arise when you take up the second quest offered by Petra whereby you have to find her brother. This quest seems to mess up manual saves and fast travel for most users. To get rid of this issue, you have to complete the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quest offered by Petra. After you’ve found her brother, you will get another quest involving archery challenges. The final quest will come after this and completing it should help restore the ability to fast travel and create manual saves in AC Valhalla.

A big thanks to our reader, Neffets for bringing this to our attention.

Workaround #2: Feast with your Vikings!

Thanks to our reader Graeme George Hall, we have this fix that might help you save your progress in AC Valhalla after the latest update. As indicated by Graeme, you can also force-autosave within the game by having a feast buff with your entire crew which will prompt the game to save your progress automatically.

Feast buffs can be summoned when you’re in Ravensthorpe by ringing the bell at the longhouse. You can have a feast by constructing any building that produces some sort of food for your settlement. This way, you can not only save your progress within the game but also improve Eivor’s fighting stats after having a feast.

Workaround #3: Take a nap, give Eivor some rest!

As pointed out by another reader of ours, you can sleep in your bed and this will help save the game for you. This will apparently also reset the combat mode which should allow you to fast travel across the map after your nap.

However, as mentioned earlier, this too will be unable to fix the fast travel bug for you and it is bound to come back as you progress further in the game. Thankfully, the chances of you losing your progress are quite slim now thanks to these save workarounds from our readers.

Workaround #4: Get or solve something

We recommend you try completing a wealth quest, artifactpuzzle, or a world event nearby before taking the last resort given below, especially if you have cloud saves enabled. Doing such a task will trigger the autosave function which might help you in saving your progress.

Workaround #5: The last resort: Restart your system

You can always restart your PC or console, which will, unfortunately, cause you to lose all your progress.

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Should you install the v1.04 update?

As you might have guessed the answer to this question would be a big No. While the new update fixes a few quest issues, reportedly the Nudist clan quest but it introduces a lot more bugs that will prevent you from playing the game at all.

Bugged side quests can be ignored while Ubisoft releases a quick fix for these bugs, but losing hours of progress and gear that you might acquire as well as the ability to quickly travel across the map seems like the wrong side of the deal. If you haven’t updated your game yet then we highly suggest you hold out.

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Additionally, if the update has already begun, then try your best to cancel the download process. If it is in the installation phase then there is nothing that you can do. Stopping the process at this point might corrupt the AC Valhalla installation files altogether.

And in case you were one of the few lucky users that had disabled auto-updates, then we suggest playing the game in offline mode for a few days until a fix/patch has been released by Ubisoft.

We hope you are now familiar with the fast travel unavailable bug in the new v1.04 update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. What is your experience with the new update? Is fast travel available to you? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. Glad this is a recognized issue. Thought it was just me. Cannot quick save or fast travel anywhere since this mornings update.

  2. The one and only way found so far is to have a Feast. Then autosave is implemented.

    1. For me, drinking the potion to transport you to Asgard also forces an autosave.

  3. Sleep in your bed in Ravensthorpe, and you can save & fast travel will be fixed.

    My entire game was broken and I was unable to do these things, but doing this fixed it. Give it a try!

    1. Unfortunately didn’t work for me, but having a feast did.

  4. I fixed this problem by finishing up the quest you do with Petra (hunter cabin girl)
    You have to take her to bed 3rd quest then my fast travel, auto save bug disappered.

    1. After dealing with this issue for the last two days and almost giving up on this game… THIS solution actually worked. Did an arrow quest, then spoke to her one more time to take her to bed. Random quest completion showed up and I was able to save and fast travel. THANK YOU!

      1. No problem. Good luck.
        A litle bit more info:
        It seems like it happends after taking up her second quest.(finding her brother)
        So you need to complete that and 3rd quest. (archer range)
        And then you can do the 4th where you take her to bed.

  5. This game is dead for me. It has so much bugs and I paid £60 for it. Its a robbery. Ubisoft should pay the players money back because they made an unplayable game. I lost 4 hours gametime because I couldn’t save the game. Very disappointed

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