AC Valhalla Evinghou Tower Wealth and Artifacts Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Those who delight in exploring the open world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would’ve noticed that there are little trinkets and loot supplies strewn all across the map. Even a little detour away from the main story to get these can help Eivor tremendously, allowing the Vikings to get a foothold deeper into the lands of East England.

One of the locations where you can find a good deal of wealth is in the Evinghou Tower located in Oxenefordscire.

There’s a lot to get from the Evinghou Tower, including wealth, artifacts, and hidden chests. But finding them all can be quite an ordeal especially when there are a lot of barricades in the way.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered on this. In this guide, we take a look at how you can access all the goodies hidden in Evinghou Tower and make off with the loot.

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Evinghou Tower Wealth

To find the wealth hidden in the tower, firstly, climb to the top and sync up the area. Jump to the hay and climb up the tree that is jutting outwards.

To your right, you’ll find a window boarded up and if you use Odin’s vision, you’ll know where the enemy is nearby.

Break the window boards and finish off the enemy from behind (stealth attack recommended).

Loot the enemy and you’ll get your wealth.

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Evinghou Tower Artifact

The artifact is found just next to the hay cart that you plunge to once you sync up with the fast travel point of the tower. As you face the tower, you should find the entrance right in front of you blocked by a moveable shelf.

No need to attempt anything just yet as the shelf won’t move.

Instead, go to the entrance to the rock to your right. There’ll be a gap that you can squeeze through.

You’ll notice behind the blocked door a few large pots blocking the moveable shelf. Break them with your arrows and return to the moving shelf outside.

Now it will budge and you can collect the artifact inside.

Evinghou Tower Secret Chest

Lastly, for the secret chest, head back to the tower front, the one that isn’t overlooking the cliff. Look for the steps leading up to a circular ruin area.

If you move further in, you’ll find a smoking cooking pot in the center.  Just behind it will be an explosive pot that you need to grab.

Find the nearby statue and the floor just behind it.

Throw the explosive pot at it and the broken floor will reveal the secret chest. Loot the chest and you’ll get some leather and iron ore. And that’s about it. All the goodies that you can get in Evinghou.


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