Clues and Riddles Quest in AC Valhalla: Step by Step Guide to Solve It

When playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will have to visit the county of Glowecestrescire where you will have to pass a series of quests in “A Tale of Wicker-Fire” saga.

One of the quests in the region is “Clues and Riddles” and this post will guide you toward accomplishing all the tasks that you need to execute to complete this quest within the game and move on to the next one.

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Where is the “Clues and Riddles” quest set at?


The “Clues and Riddles” quest is set at Glowecestrescire after you pledge your loyalties to Glowecestrescire at the Alliance Map chapter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is the second quest you will have to get past in the “A Tale of Wicker-Fire” saga in the game.

How do you get there?

You can get to the “Clues and Riddles” quest after you finish the first quest “The First Night of Samhain” at Glowecestrescire in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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To get to this quest, you will have to go and speak to Tewdwr and take part in a drinking challenge with him. It doesn’t matter if you lose or win; all you have to do is follow Tewdwr until a cutscene arrives.

The “Clues and Riddles” quest will begin as soon as this cutscene ends.

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Objectives to pass in “Clues and Riddles” quest

When the “Clues and Riddles” quest begins, Eivor will wake up from his bed in Tewdwr’s house in a drunken state. Don’t expect a very goodly morning as Tewdwr’s dwelling will now be drenched in blood and your quest will start from here.

Investigate Tewdwr’s Home

When you wake up at Tewdwr’s house, you will see there’s blood everywhere inside his home and your job is to investigate this place and find out what happened the previous night. As you normally would, you will have to look for clues inside the house.

You can use Odin’s vision to find these clues easily which will appear on your screen as teal-colored spots. At first glance, you can examine the following subjects at Tewdwr’s Home:

  • A dead body at Tewdwr’s house; it’s his bodyguard
  • A broken pot should be lying on the ground next to the table
  • Next to the door, there are bloodstains on the ground

After you examine these three subjects, you can find more clues in a second room. This second room can be accessed by moving the shelf at the end of the first room which should reveal a secret entrance.

Pass through this entrance and look for more clues in the second room like:

  • Muddy footprints on the floor
  • Break the pot in this room to find a small pouch (Gwilim’s pouch) on the ground

After you examine all the above clues, exit Tewdwr’s house, and when the cutscene begins, Eivor will figure out what had happened there last night.

He puts together that there were murderers in Tewdwr’s house who hid in the second room, waited to kill the bodyguard, and then proceeded to injure Tewdwr. One thing that puzzles Eivor is why Gwilim’s pouch of herbs was found inside a pot when it should have been on the table.

When the cutscene ends, you will be shown a new objective.

Find Modron and talk to her

After you have examined all the subjects at Tewdwr’s house, you will be given a new objective. Here, you will have to find and speak to Mother Modron who works as a healer near the river that separates the two parts of Glowecestre.

But before you do that, you will find Cynon waiting outside and will blame Tewdwr’s disappearance on Eivor.

Cynon will then make you fight the two nearby guards that he sets for you.

Once you’ve fought them off, you can make your way to Modron’s location. You will first have to go to the river that separates the two parts of Glowecestre and then use the Raven to find Modron’s precise location.

You can find Modron on an elevated mound that lies on the eastern side of the river. This grassy mound can be easily located in the midst of a bunch of houses that are scattered around the southern side of the river bridge.

When you find Modron, talk to her and tell her about what you have just witnessed. In the cutscene that follows, Eivor will also ask Modron for the contents of the Gwilim’s pouch that he collected before.

Modron and her child will then tell you to go meet Halewyn the Druid at which point you will get a new objective on your screen.

Go and meet Halewyn the Druid

After you speak to Modron, your new objective is to find and go to Halewyn’s cottage.

The cottage will be located on the eastern side of Glowecestrescire on a lake that’s in close proximity to the intersection between Great Ouse and Cearrwell rivers. You can find this location in the circle below.

When you reach the location, Druid’s Cottage will show as discovered and you can see the cottage at an elevated platform.

You can knock on the door to speak to Halewyn the Druid but if you may recall your conversation with Modron, Halewyn only speaks to spirits and not mortals. For this, you will have to don your Mari Lwyd mask to trick the Druid to open the door which you can do by cloaking yourself.

After you put on the Mari Lwyd mask, Druid will open the door and speak with you.

Halewyn will now tell you about the ritual he needs to prepare following your arrival and this is when your next objective shows up.

Help Halewyn with his ritual

Your next objective will involve your helping Halewyn with a ritual he has prepared for your arrival. To help him with the ritual, you will need to light up the wicker men with fire.

To do this, press down on the D-pad and select the Torch from the action wheel that appears on your screen.

When you have the torch in your hand, you can light up the wicker men around Halewyn’s cottage by going near them or throwing the torch on them.

There will be a total of five wicker men, all of which you need to light on fire to commence Halewyn’s ritual and complete this objective.

Talk to Halewyn to get a riddle

After you light up each and every single one of the wicker men, you will need to go speak to Halewyn.

When you approach him, he’ll ask you a series of riddles. You won’t get the answers to his question yet but you may find them by examining objects in and around Halewyn’s cottage.

Solve Halewyn’s riddle

To solve Halewyn’s riddle, you will need answers to all of his questions. If you haven’t explored Halewyn’s cottage yet, you can tell him you’ll be back.

Now go back to Halewyn’s house and look for the clues to his riddles. If you don’t wish to explore them on your own, here are where you can find all the clues to Halewyn’s riddle:

  • Celtic Knot: Drawn on the door to the left side of the entrance
  • Athame Dagger: Hung on the wall inside the cottage
  • Threefold Death: Placed on the desk inside the house
  • Double Spoon: In the locked area underneath the house which you can get to after smashing the trapdoor
  • Soul Skulls: Found in the shelves on the side of the house by the right side of the entrance

Among the clues mentioned here, you only need to know three of them to solve the riddle.

After you have found all the items and examined them, go back to Halewyn and speak to him. All the answers to his riddles will appear one-by-one when Halewyn asks them.

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What happens after you solve Halewyn’s riddle?

When you answer all three questions of the riddle that Halewyn puts in front of you, you will be greeted by a cutscene.

Here, Eivor will ask Halewyn about the contents of Gwilim’s pouch and Halewyn will reveal them to you.

Halewyn says the pouch was filled by him and he gave them to a gentleman who hails from Cudd Lladron.

This is where the “Clues and Riddles” quest ends. When this quest is over, you will have to go visit Rollendritch to speak to Modron again to start the next quest titled “The Stolen King” in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Did the above guide help you get past the “Clues and Riddles” quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?


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