How Killing or Sparing Leofrith in AC Valhalla Affects Your Game

Even before the game had launched, the community was abuzz with the fact that there’ll be different endings in AC Valhalla. That there’ll be choices to be made by every player hooked into the game’s storyline. We’ve seen that this didn’t hold true in every forked road we’ve come across, for instance, the one where you decide what’s to be done with Gorm.

However, at least in this part of the storyline in AC Valhalla, your input will definitely make a long-drawn impact on how your game plays out afterward. (Spoilers Ahead!)

So read on, as we help you make the better choice in this whole ordeal which begins right after you’ve met King Ceolwulf.

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Who is Leofrith in AC Valhalla?

During the Quest ‘Heavy is the Head’, you’ll be asked to search for Ceolbert, King Ceolwulf’s son on the Isle of Waifs. You’ll soon find him near the river, locked with Leofrith who’s just itching for a fight.

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How to defeat Leofrith?

As we said before in our article on King Ceolwulf and his son, Leofrith is one of the harder bosses you’ll be facing in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and rightly so. Here’s how we suggest you should go about dealing with Leofrith in the fight.

Leofrith is a very nimble and agile fighter. He won’t stay in one place long enough for you to try and hack away at him. So at the beginning of the fight, you should try defending more than you’d like to start swinging your sword or ax at him.

So the way you play defensive with Leofrith is by parrying his attacks and blocking them. This will effectively reduce his stamina bit by bit and make it easier for you to take swings at him later on.

To guess the moment of right, wait for his character to glow bright orange and then parry.

The reason why we ask you to be on the defensive during the initial bit of the fight is that Leofrith has some tricks in store for players eager to rush in just button mashing and trying to kill him.

For instance, if you’re parrying too much, he’ll use a special attack marked by a red glow that will break through your defense and deal a large chunk of damage to you.

Another trick of his is that he’ll assume a defensive stance which a blue halo glowing around his head and he’ll taunt you. If you’re goaded into attacking him, he’ll immediately parry you and again, get a good hit off on you.

You can use an arrow during these instances to break his stance and have him return to fighting normally with you.

Once you’ve chipped half of his stamina down, he’ll start becoming reckless and faster. Over here, you can either use a bow and shoot at him from a distance to chip him down or wait for an opening and letting loose.

Finally, you’ll reach a point where Eivor will one-shot Leofrith’s health bar completely down and it’ll trigger a cutscene indicating that the fight’s over and you’ve won.

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What happens when you defeat Leofrith?

After having defeated Leofrith in battle, you’ll trigger the second cutscene in this sequence. Leofrith will submit to Eivor preparing himself for what’s to come next.

At that very moment, the sounds of your surroundings will vanish and the world will go dark! Odin the Allfather will join Eivor, unbeknownst to others present here, to talk and discuss Leofrith’s fate with him.

After mulling it over, it is Odin who’ll give you the two choices to make: Truth or Glory. Of course, Truth being that you’ll spare him and Glory being one where you dispatch him to the gods with a respectful death.

Presented with the two choices to either kill him or spare him, we’ll let you in on what happens in both of them.

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What happens if you kill Leofrith?

If you choose to kill Leofrith, then you’ll be giving him the Glory a warrior like him deserves. To die in battle like all Vikings believe in, though Leofrith’s a Thegn. Eivor will anoint Leofrith as ‘Drengr’, a man of courage and bravery before dispatching him with a swift swing of his ax.

Now, what’ll happen after you’ve made the choice of killing Leofrith as direct consequences are that Ceolbert will be visibly dismayed at your decision.

There will be Zealots who will be actively hunting you around the map of Valhalla and believe us when we say this, they are very formidable and annoying enemies. They might even ruin any Quest you’re doing and make exploration quite difficult.

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What happens if you spare Leofrith?

If you choose to spare Leofrith’s life, you’ll also be telling him the Truth about how King Burgred has in reality, betrayed Leofrith’s faith. Eivor will tell him that Burgred has resigned the crown and has fled towards Rome, essentially discarding Leofriths unwavering loyalty.

Leofrith will eventually come around and believe what Eivor is saying as the truth. Leofrith will get back up on his feet with renewed respect and vigor towards Eivor. As a way of showing his gratitude, Leofrith will inform Eivor that there’s a scroll in a statue at Venonis which he’d placed on Burgred’s behest.

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That he must destroy it or Zealots will hunt him after reading the scroll, effectively giving you a new side-quest to take on. He’ll then take Eivor’s leave alluding to the fact that he’ll be heading Rome, perhaps to get back at Burgred.

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Kill or Spare Leofrith?

So those were are the two choices and the consequences you’ll face when it comes to dealing with Leofrith. Our suggestion? Spare him.

Spare Leofrith and do the follow-up quest of burning the Scroll at Venonis. The other option to Kill him will unleash Zealots on you and you don’t want to deal with them. Trust us on this.

We hope this guide helps you in dealing with Leofrith during the fight and afterward. Let us know in the comments how you fared during this quest! Did you like how the story went?


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