Where is Torghatten Rock in AC Valhalla? How to reach it?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been among the top releases lately. The game is available to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Stadia users. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and initial reviews of the game seem to be more than promising.

The game has tons of loot and rewards to discover each hidden in a special location. These locations can be challenging or quite easy depending on your in-game level and the reward. One such location that seems to be taking everyone by surprise is the “Torghatten Rock”. If you are in the same boat, then let’s take a look at how to find it.

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Torghatten Rock Location

Before you start the quest for Torghatten Rock, you will need to acquire the ‘Rygjafylke Hoard Map’. This can be found in a house in Rygjafylke. Check the map below to reach the exact location.

Finding the ‘Rygjafylke Hoard Map’

Once you have reached the location in Rygjafylke, go to the house on your right. It should have a huge porch and red paint on the entrance.

Once inside, go to the table on your far left as you enter and you should be able to collect the ‘Rygjafylke Hoard Map’.

The hoard map should now be available in your inventory.

Reaching Torghatten Rock

The Torghatten Rock can be found on an island west of ‘Alrekstad’ on your map. The location is revealed through the ‘Rygjafylke Hoard Map’. You can check for it in your Inventory under the Treasure Hoard Maps section.

The best way to get to Torghatten Rock would be via boat. If by chance you have already unlocked a warp point to the island, you can use that instead. Once at the location, reach the other side of the mountain as shown below.

Now head towards the entrance lit up by torches. This path will lead you to the other side of the island.

Once you cross the steps, you will find the first part of your treasure, ‘Snakebite Theme (Sail)’. You can equip this sail to your longship.

You will also find skeletons around you that can be looted for additional rewards.

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What rewards can be found at Torghatten Rock’s Eye?

The loot varies from player to player depending on your character’s skill level but as you might have noticed, your loot icon will turn into a collect icon whenever you are near a rare item. Two known rare items can be found at Torghatten Rock’s eye;

  • Opal
  • Snakebite Theme Sail

We hope you were able to locate Torghatten Rock’s Eye easily. If you face any issues, reach out to us using the comments section below. 


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