AC Valhalla Ledecestrescire Hoard Map: Where and How To Find The Treasure Map

Sometimes a nice treasure hunt is just what one needs when AC Valhalla becomes heavy on the main plot and Eivor needs a break. It also helps when the hunt has a great pay-off in terms of the treasure one acquires. Keeping this in mind, the devs have scattered Treasure Hoard Maps across different locations in the game world. These little maps contain riddles and challenges which, when solve have very rewarding results.

One of the locations with the Treasure Hoard Map is Ledecestrescire and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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What is the Ledecestrescire Treasure Hoard Map

Ledecestrescire Treasure Hoard Map Assassin's Creed Valhalla

On the one hand, you will find yourself hunting the normal (at least by AC Valhalla standards) wealth in the game like Ingots and Gear, and then there is another kind of rare treasure that requires Eivor to solve riddles and refer to a piece of paper that is called the Treasure Hoard Map.

In Ledecestrescire, you will come across the Treasure Hoard Map challenge that requires putting in a little more thinking and leg work to reap nice rewards. Here’s what you need to know about the challenge and map.

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Treasure Map Location

To get the Treasure map, you need to start on the bridge that lines the Venonis waterway and make your way to the tunnels by jumping down. Next, take a right and you will find yourself facing a square-shaped boulder. Destroy it and a hole will be made in its place. Enter the dilapidated room through the hole and walk straight till you arrive at the sepulcher of a warrior. Collect the treasure hoard map from the sepulcher.

Contents of the Treasure Map

Once you’ve collected the Map, go to Inventory, open the bag and scroll down till you arrive at the Treasure Hoard Maps section. This is where you will find the scroll which contains the map to the treasure. Inside the scroll, you will see an X mark the location of the hidden treasure.

How to reach the Treasure

Reach the location marked on the map shown above. You will find yourself near some small cliffs. A few trees will surround the entrance to a small crevice that is a part of the cliff. Make your way into the crevice till you arrive at the treasure which will be buried under small stones. You will acquire the Snakebite Scheme (Shields) from the treasure that you loot here.

This concludes everything you need to know about the AC Valhalla Ledecestrescire Treasure Hoard Map challenge. Do let us know if you run into any trouble while playing this challenge. Take care, stay safe and happy gaming!


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